2017: Begin As You Plan To Continue

Well here I go again. Attempting a blog. A new year brings a fresh batch of enthusiasm to make changes and be better. I’m working to make this stick this time. I am vowing to myself to kick ass in 2017. To push myself and stop making excuses about my health, my lack of punctuality, my finances, my parenting choices, my procrastinating, and my general lack of follow through. I am challenging myself to complete something important each month of this new year.
A good friend of my mother’s, and of mine, gave me some invaluable advice when I had my first son: “Begin as you plan to continue.” It is something that has always sat in the back of my brain itching and niggling to be considered. I did not fully understand how important this beautiful advice was until I started seeing my mistakes and failures as a parent and thinking “If I had just stuck to my guns the first time…” or “If I had chosen this path first.”  We all carry a little twinge of what might of been with us in our journeys and this is mine.
This year I am taking this advice and screwing it to my forehead. “Begin as you plan to continue”. In my work, in my eating habits, in my punctuality, mindfulness, health, parenting, and in my life in general. I know I am going to fall and some things will come slowly and take time and effort to grow through. This is my commitment for this new year. I will begin as I plan to continue. I will kick ass and be strong, loving, mindful and creative.

Tomorrow my January challenge for myself begins. My second Whole 30. My husband and I completed our first Whole 30 in April 2012 before we had our second son, moved across the country and back again, (Long story, will fill in later) and sent Son#1 to school. I  really enjoyed that Whole 30. It was hard, it was empowering and it helped me reset my eating habits. As anyone who has children knows, you can become seriously derailed in your eating habits when you go through the pregnancy and infancy of your precious wee being. You grab what’s handy, you make frequent poor decisions when exhausted, and (in my case with boy #2) sit on your bum nursing them for almost 12 hours a day.  I lost my newfound love for healthy eating as I sunk deeper into the crazy life of survival mode with a colicky baby and a busy four year old.  I gained almost 50 pounds while pregnant with Boy #2 and never lost it. It ALL STAYED! Thank you to: chocolate binges, my love of baking and eating baking, that fabulous croissant place in town, my love of butter, my “need” to eat after my kids are finally in bed, and my love of staying up too late and binge-watching Netflix while constantly screening Facebook and Instagram.
As you may guess, this has lead to me feeling disgusting and having very little energy and self discipline. I am determined to change this. I also hope that by posting this and making my intentions known to as many people as possible I will not cheat or quit.
“What is a Whole 30?” you may ask. Well check out the rules here:  http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/  It is basically a hardcore reset into whole eating with no simple carbs, added sugar, legumes or highly processed foods. I went out and did a large grocery shop yesterday, have made my meal plan, (will post later) and am working on disappearing the most tempting foods from the house.

Today I prepare to say “HELLO 2017!! Goodbye peanut butter, bread, chocolate, double doubles, binge eating and horrid habits! Hello healthy choices, kombucha, bone broth, mindfulness, more consistent exercise, and a fresh take.”
I hope that as you enter 2017 you too can take that time to reflect and think “How can I begin as I plan to continue?” May this new year bring you happiness, health, peace and love.

See you on the other side!


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5 thoughts on “2017: Begin As You Plan To Continue

  1. That doesnt sound like the easiest task, so i wish you good luck this month!

    1. Thank you! I know it is possible I just need to stick with it!

  2. Dearest Courtney,
    You are so on the right track and I want to not only cheer you on but walk beside you or drag you forward.
    I’m a Kombucha brewer, I pretty much don’t touch grain (carbs ) or white sugar. So if you are having a “temptation moment” CALL ME. I will talk you down. AND…I THINK BONE BROTH CURES ALMOST EVERYTHING!
    My personal axioms that have gotten me where I am, started with, “Easy makes happy” (helps me keep life manageable), then I layered on, “Once is a habit,” (which kinda matches your ‘begin as you plan to continue’) and my latest addition is, “Nothing good comes from speed”. (Totally helped with mindfulness).
    So, Go, go, Gadget! God has great plans for you which include good health, good habits and peace.

    1. Thank you so much Nancy!
      I really appreciate your support! My kombucha brewing skills are only where they are thanks to you and Matt Macintyre. Bone Broth really is amazing and I love making it! Do you have any suggestions for what I can do with the leftover bones after I make the broth? I hate throwing them in the garbage but I feel there is nowhere else for them to go!

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