If you wouldn’t eat a celery stick, don’t take the orange.

Happy New Year! At this moment I swallowed my last sip of wine and bid adieu to cheese and chocolate.

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to 2017! Well here we are on the other side of the gap. That small squeak of time between old and new, the little space we allow ourselves to recognize as a breath of stillness before we step into the void of uncertain beginnings.  I have begun as I plan to continue, at least in my eating habits today. Not the sleeping so much, or the timeliness, but eating yes.

I began my day today with a black coffee, skillet fried steak, two scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes and warm spinach as well as a cup of turkey broth. Unfortunately due to my slight hangover from last night, and my being distracted by visiting with very good friends, I forgot to take a picture! It was delicious and filled me up for most of the day.
At 1:30 Boy #1 and I accompanied my FSIL (Fabulous Sister-in-law) and her family to the movie theater to watch “Sing”. It was wonderful btw, my son was itching for the bunny song (If you have kids and have watched the previews for Sing you know what I  mean, if not, you might one day). I forgot how difficult that simple excursion can be. I missed eating before going because I had eaten a late breakfast, so I was slightly peckish. I headed to the snack counter to order for my son (popcorn, extra butter, 7-up and candy) and thought “maybe Glossettes wouldn’t be that bad…” Then I shook my head fiercely and ordered a water. That was tough! But look, I survived and I do not look to have starved from my lack of Glossette inhalation (view pictures below XP).
After the movies I was for sure hangry . I knew that I wanted supper for 6 so grabbed a snack of a small handful of nuts, an orange and some beautiful olives as well as raw veggies. That held me off while we took down our Christmas tree and I prepared our dinner. (Yes, it was a sad day in the H. family home. The Christmas tree went to the curb and Boy#2 bawled because he wanted it to stay and he missed it. So sad!)


Making Dump Ranch

For Dinner I wanted to make a Buffalo Chicken stuffed sweet potato. I followed a few different recipes and altered them all to be Whole 30. (I love Pinterest!)
This is the first recipe that piqued my interest: http://www.wellplated.com/healthy-slow-cooker-buffalo-chicken. Then I also liked this one: http://www.lifeinthegreenhouse.com/2016/09/buffalo-chicken-dip-whole-30-approved.html
Since both of those involved things I could not or would not use I tweaked them. To replace the white ranch sauce or blue cheese dressing I made Dump Ranch. This recipe: https://rumblytumbly.com/2016/01/16/whole-30-dump-ranch/. I altered it slightly as well. I added some fresh dill and used coconut milk with some coconut butter. It did not get as thick but I think that is due to the milk.

My first time using avocado oil. I think I’d go half and half with olive oil next time.

The Dump Ranch called for avocado oil, which I had never used before, but hey; I like avocados, so why not? Next time I’d halve it and sub in some olive or coconut oil as the avocado came across strong.

hot sauce for paleo buffalo chicken with Dump Ranch.

I then mixed the Dump Ranch with Franks Buffalo sauce (what we had remaining), some Death Chicken (otherwise known as Sriracha), and some hot sauce of unknown brand. You’ve got to take risks occasionally;)

Shredded turkey and chicken ready for the oven.

I then shredded my leftover Christmas turkey and some rotisserie chicken into my fave Le Creuset, generously given me by a dear friend, and topped the poultry with the Dump Ranch and various red sauces.

baking the sweets next to the chicken  (Ignore my filthy oven)

Then into the oven it went at 350 for approximately 30 minutes to heat through. I put the largest sweet in first before the chicken and added the two small Korean sweet potatoes right before pulling the chicken out. Timing was pretty much perfect. By the time I had put together the boy’s sandwiches my potatoes were ready. I used the large one tonight and intend to use the baby ones for breakfast and possibly lunch tomorrow.

My dinner. Buffalo chicken in sweet potato

I Cut open my sweet and scooped out half the flesh then plopped two spoonfuls of chicken on top and some more of the Dump Ranch. Garnished with green onion and some more Death Chicken.

It was so yummy!!

It hit the spot and tasted amazeballs!

The boy’s version.Boy#1 enjoyed Buffalo chicken on bread with traditional ranch dressing. Mine was with the paleo ranch.

For My Husband and Boy#1 I made sammies.  I took two pieces of whole wheat bread, placed a slice of provolone on each, added the chicken mixture, some ranch dressing, and some pickled peppers just for the hubs, capped with the second slice of bread. They said it was awesome!

Boy#2’s supper: peanut butter on toast and two baby carrots.

Boy#2 is notoriously picky! So he was chowing down on the pb on toast and quite happy to avoid any trace of nutrients found in normal food. He did partake in one or tow baby carrots. Not all is lost!

Now on to the embarrassing yet necessary bit. In the Whole30 you are not supposed to weigh or measure yourself during the month. Your goal is to be focused on over all health and changing your relationship with food. You can weigh yourself before and after but not during. I forgot to weigh myself yesterday and do not own a scale. tomorrow I will use my mom’s to get my base weight. Here are the before pictures.

This is NOT a pregnant belly. It is a very POST pregnant belly.

Let me make this known: This is the largest I have EVER been in my 30 years of life. I have acne on my face which never used to be there,  desperate heartburn, nails and hair that break, and feel extremely flabby and lethargic most days.

Before pic. Feeling crazy bloated today after last night’s cheese and wine.
Full body. Gosh these pictures are humbling.

No makeup, no bra and zero vanity in tact. But now you know where I’m coming from.

After getting sons to bed I went for my weekly Sunday walk with my lovely cousin. My usual tendency after such a walk would be to come home, do dishes, sit on couch and eat lots of sugary crap while watching Netflix.

I wanted to eat this for dessert…

These called my name!!


I chose this!

I made a better choice (not a best, as that would be NO snack after dinner) and ate a small serving of nuts and an orange with a tea. Macchiato Dream from Steeped Tea Canada smells like chocolate, and is caffeine and sugar free! Knocked that craving out. I was about to eat a second orange later on but then thought “Would I eat a celery stick right now? Am I actually hungry or just wanting snacks?” The answers were definitely “no” and “SNACK!!!” I went back to writing my blog.

There. First day down and no cheating. I did accidentally lick the butter knife after spreading PB on Boy#2’s toast, but when I realized what I was doing I immediately removed the delish, yet offending, knife from my lips and did not lick it clean! That is going to be the tough thing preparing non Whole30 meals, not tasting them!

Now to bed and hope I get to bed earlier tomorrow.

Note: I am experiencing sugar withdrawal. I’ve had a headache all afternoon and have been drinking water to fight it off. This ended around day three last time.


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2 thoughts on “If you wouldn’t eat a celery stick, don’t take the orange.

  1. Years ago I read a diet book called, “Making the Case For Yourself”. I learned to have my argument/defense ready when bad foods start to call out horrible lies like, “Come on, you deserve this,” or “Just one tiny bite,”, etc (we’ve all heard them All.) Great defense closing arguments are, “What I deserve IS to feel healthy and energetic,” or “There’s no such thing as’one little bite.’ ”
    Great start. so proud of you, girl.

    1. Thank you Nancy! That is great advice! I will remember that.

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