I Like a cookie…

Remember that adorable squirrel voiced by Steve Carell in that Dreamworks movie years ago? He came to mind today as my inner voice while I watched my sons eat delicious looking cookies at Nana’s and drink hot cocoa after our lovely winter hike.
If you don’t remember him, my new inner voice goes something like this:

I resisted the sweet squeaky Hammy voice, drank my Chocolate Chai tea black, and ate an orange. It was difficult, but not THAT difficult. I love you Hammy, but not today!

We had an extra holiday here today and got wonderfully lazy! I didn’t make breakfast until 11:30 so I called it brunch. I had my favourite pre-prepared %50 off steak sauteed with tomatoes and spinach, served with scrambled eggs, cucumber, dill and cilantro. I made coffee in my press and it was yummy black. Then we all headed out for a hike at Nana’s followed by the aforementioned hot cocoa and cookies.

I love getting my kids out for exercise with me. They treat each other so much better when they’ve been able to expend some energy! As do I in fact.
I snacked on a few nuts and an orange with my black tea then we headed for home and I started cooking our supper.

I also cooked our lunch since we missed it and I figured it would be good to have on hand. The plan for lunch had been this recipe: http://houseofnasheats.com/chicken-avocado-lime-soup/    It looked so yummy and very leftover friendly. It’s spicy but wonderful. I used frozen chicken breasts and they worked out fine, I just cooked them longer in the broth.  Hubs loved the spice, Boy#1 found it a bit much and Boy#2 ate bread and carrot sticks (I know, he’s adventurous).

For Supper I had this recipe down:  http://www.farmsteadchic.com/turkey-taco-bowls/  It did not disappoint! I could not source plantain so I mixed cauliflower and a green banana. I just boiled them together until soft and then mashed them with coconut oil and served under the meat. the toppings I used were Guacamole, lettuce, tomato and salsa verde. It was delish but I couldn’t finish much as I was so full from the soup.  My final pic is of my late night snack with my dear friend who came to stay. We both love pickled beets and olives so we had a bit of a nosh. I tried to stay within portions, but it is hard!


Today felt good! Still working on regulating the sleep, but getting daily exercise and sticking with the Whole30 is going well!
I opened up my email today to find some lovely comments form some wonderful people and found that I have a follower! Thank you Sarah!  I also found a welcome message from the gang at Whole30 since I signed up with them committing to the January Whole30. They send you a letter and support each week this month to encourage you and keep you focused. Attached to the email was the chance to enter a contest to win a Whole30 Kitchen package! I definitely entered, and if you have any interest in attempting a Whole30 you should enter too:Enter contest Here

I weighed myself for my start weight today as I forgot on New Year’s eve. I have a starting weight of 177 pounds. I did this right after a snack so as not to cheat too badly.
Day two is in the bag and I am ready for my bed. I did not eat the cookie. I am satisfied.


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