For Sh*ts and giggles

Ah day three. I forgot about day three. As I’m colouring a client’s hair (thankfully also a friend) suddenly I must excuse myself to the bathroom. I am forced to do this three times! That’s right, third day equals your colon clearing out! I now remember this happening the first time. Thank goodness my friend has partaken in a Whole30 in the past and completely understood. We laughed about what my title for today’s blog would be. “The truth about poo”, “Day 3: Poop” and so many other options.  After that clean out I am feeling so much better.

We had house guests last night; very good friends who we love hosting and whom I stayed up far too late with enjoying a well needed chat. I awoke later than I planned this morning excited to spend the morning together. I made breakfast, showered and missed eating myself, enjoying our time together. My client arrived and I wolfed food down in front of her, gracious lady! Hence the high impact of said food on my colon I believe.
Today went well after the slightly rushed and messy, but wonderful, morning. I sat down for a lunch of a yummy turkey roll with turkey on the outside, then lettuce, carrots, avocado and lime, with blueberries on the side. After lunch I took the boys swimming at our rec center while my husband exercised upstairs in the gym (a new habit for him). After the swim we had a little snack. The boys had bear paws, fruit by the foot and ritz crackers, I had seaweed and carrots.
Next was a treat of McDonald’s for the boys and hubs. After dropping them off at home I went on to buy some more bacon (WHole30 approved kind) and picked up an almond milk latte to finish my errands.

I was definitely fighting the odd familiar craving for a sweetened coffee or treat from McDonald’s and my local sweet/coffee place. Fought those off and continued on my way. I headed home for diner and warmed up the leftover taco bowl from last night, topped with two hamburger patties and extra lettuce. The boys had filled up on Mcdonald’s but did eat a bit of the leftovers from three nights ago when I made a non paleo turkey hash. Boy #2 even widened his meal option horizon’s and ate chicken nuggets.
After Boy #1 and #2 are in bed Hubs and I cleaned up together (my knees weaken at that phrase, that is how a man makes sexy in my books), then I brewed some tea, ate some pistachios and cranberries for “dessert”, and watched a few episodes of Troll Hunter on Netflix. That’s right, we watch children’s shows after our kids are in bed, and thoroughly enjoy it.  Now I sit ready for bed.

I am thinking up personal and family challenges for the rest of the year. February is already decided upon: a low waste living challenge with my MIL and SIL and their families. March I think I am challenging myself to a Clutter busting challenge. If any of my readers have suggestions  for other challenges to follow these please do like and comment!

I’m off to bed to attempt to stick to the Whole30 sleep suggestions.



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2 thoughts on “For Sh*ts and giggles

  1. April challenge: Do something in/with/ or for nature everyday
    May challenge: Appreciate your body month. Do something daily that will help your family’s overall well being….a massage chain, make coconut oil lip balm, spend an afternoon with your hand tied to your waist, so you appreciate the gift of every movement God has blessed you with.
    June Challenge: Be a good deed fairy. Do something kind, either outwardly, or in secret, everyday for a
    month. The best is when you do it and they don’t ever find out it was you or your children. The daily deed is completed by a different member of the family each day.
    July Challenge: An interesting picture a day….keeps the boredom away. Each day you take a close- up pic of a part of something interesting. At the end of the day, or month, sit down as a family and try and figure out what each of the objects actually were. Talk about the art and beauty found in each piece. Talk about colour, and line and movement…patterns and dark and light…..Talk about why each of you chose the subjects that you did.

    Okay. Sorry. This comment got to be just a bit too long! Cheers! Look forward to your next post! Have fun with your challenges!

    1. Thank you Crystal!
      Fun ideas! Thank you!

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