When a Three Year Old Offers You a Goldfish Cracker

If you have ever raised, watched, been in proximity of, or barely looked at a three year-old child you would probably know that in their universe Goldfish crackers are akin to gold bars!  They are precious bits of currency in the preschool world, to share a Goldfish cracker is to share your dearest treasure.

Today I was sitting with Boy#2 on the pool deck at the YMCA, snacking on paleo treats, while Boy#1 swam. My younger son was enjoying his favourite plain Goldfish crackers.  I was reading on my phone and looking up occasionally to see him munching. I chewed on my Kombu seaweed, and looked up again to see a small hand reaching out to me “Would you like one of my fish mommy? I share with you!” Such sweet innocence resonating from those eyes as he shoved that cracker in his mouth to show me how yummy it was, chewed gleefully (as we do to entice him to try new food) and then offered me another. My heart ached with love and the pain of refusing such a gift. “I’m so sorry sweetheart but mommy is not eating crackers right now.” His face fell and I almost ate it for his sake. Instead I gave him a little hug and assured him I would eat one for him later and that he should enjoy mine for me. We continued on in our morning, neither of us having broken our personal rules of ingestion.


After assuaging the craving for Goldfish crackers I continued on with a great day. We began our day at the Y at 9. I ate some smoked salmon then dropped Boy#1 and #2 at the childminding space (I love that about my local Y! Complimentary childcare for members while you are in the building.)  I then accompanied my good friend Karri to Deep Water Aquafit. It was quite fun, and an excellent workout. I have a slight confession to make: I am not a strong swimmer. I did not learn until later in life, (child of the prairies) and have never found myself completely comfortable in the deep. I grabbed a pool noodle and jumped in. Such a great workout! I could really feel my muscles protesting today after my weightlifting and first try at Aquafit yesterday.  For someone who is not keen on swimming laps,I find Aquafit a great way to get some exercise in the water and not feel like I am about to drown.  Karri, my other friend Kirston, and I had so much fun laughing and chatting while we followed the instructor.  We then retired to the sauna, which was cold. We pouted. Kirston had to leave to fetch her wee ones, but before she did, she asked if I had taken my measurements before commencing my challenge. I did not!  I think I shall try tomorrow. Although it will not be completely accurate as I’ve already noticed my ankles shrinking.  Tomorrow I will post my measurements.  After Kirston left Karri and I took in a Gentle Aquafit class and found out that the sauna had been fixed! We retired to the warm confines and enjoyed some shelter from the outdoor weather inside the cozy heat of the wooden room.
I went and retrieved Boy#1 from childcare and we swam for a bit then I got out and got Boy#2 who really did not wish to swim. I snacked on seaweed, smoked salmon, blueberries, Sweets and Beets, and a cup of broth.I did NOT consume a cracker;)

Headed home for lunch and had a bullet proof coffee with cocoa powder (Hubs asked for a hot chocolate from Timmies and I was slightly tempted, so made something similar. I know, not helping my bad habit of craving sweet drinks in the afternoon, but I did it.)   I had the coffee alongside the remaining Buffalo chicken in the sweet potato base with some taco bowl ingredients on top.  It was very satisfying.
I had a full afternoon of visitors and clients and found yesterday’s extra exertion and expended energy caught up to me mid afternoon and I had a cat nap.  It was glorious!
For supper we had Bacon tots, found here:  http://www.jaysbakingmecrazy.com/2016/09/25/paleo-sweet-potato-bacon-tots/
I used white potatoes instead of sweet, which I did not like. I want to use sweet next time as well as crisp the bacon less and use almond meal or arrowroot powder instead of potato flour. We also finished off the remaining taco bowl leftovers as taco salad. I reheated the spicy Chicken avocado lime soup, and it was just perfect the second time. The spice had mellowed and the flavours had deepened. Quite delicious!

Dinner! A somewhat failed attempt at bacon tots.
Along with the leftover chicken lime soup that mellowed to a perfect heat.
My carb loving three year-old. He ate broccoli!!
Boy#2 loves avocado and is my mini chef in training.

Even Boy#1 loved the soup after it had mellowed. He loves helping me prep and cut up foods. Unlike his younger brother, he is much more open to trying and enjoying new foods.

Orange basil Kombucha for my evening bevvy.

I finally finished off my night with a snack of pistachios, kombucha and olives. I also finally gave in to the temptation of one sweet date.
An update on my progress: I have not suffered from acid re-flux/heart burn in over  three days, my ankles are shrinking and my skin is starting to clear up! My brain is clearing, but I am finding my need for better sleep habits and less snacking becoming more urgent.  Beginning Sunday I am giving myself a stricter challenge of keeping a bedtime and not snacking after 7 p.m. I hope I can remain steadfast!

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2 thoughts on “When a Three Year Old Offers You a Goldfish Cracker

  1. Hey Court – Katrina here! I too have a hard time with night snacking. It is the worst habit to try and break. It got worse for me after I quit smoking and now here I am, smoke free but 10 lbs heavier than I was 3 months ago. I am going to have to kick my challenges into high gear too. Good luck on your journey, I am just catching up on your entries but I enjoy reading them 🙂 Take care! -Katrina

    1. Thank you so much Katrina!
      It is so tough to quit one bad habit and so easy to replace it with something else! Congratulations on quitting smoking! ! That is huge! I look forward to sharing our journeys!

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