Plan or plan not, there is no try.

Here I am a week after my first blog post. I have blogged for a week and I have been sticking to my Whole30 for six days. I know I’ve made it this far because of my planning and because of something that clicked inside of me and gave me the strength and determination to stick with it. I am pretty excited that I am on this journey and able to still push myself to work a bit harder.
Usually I meal plan Thursday or Friday and shop Thursday night or Friday afternoon, but last night’s episode left me to plan and shop today.The good news was I woke up extra early with Boy#2, the bad was that required bed changing, bathing and then getting ourselves ready for company. Meal planning did not happen. I did make it out to our local indoor Maker’s Market which happens once a month during the winter, it then moves outside every Saturday from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving. I was able to get some fermented carrot and turnip from my friend Matt at Truly Local, as well as kimchi, sauerkraut and fermented carrots.I also picked up my favourite locally roasted coffee beans from Coastal Coffee, and some pepperettes and honey from some new-to-me vendors.  After this I headed back home to prepare breakfast and myself for our company.
Here is my breakfast of bacon, eggs, roasted potatoes a peppers, avocado, and fermented carrot and turnip:

Breakfast this morning. SO nice to have a big breakfast.

I am an extrovert. I therefore LOVE having people around me and visiting with them. I was very excited to visit with the Hub’s dad and his dad’s partner today, along with the FSIL (fantastic Sister in law) and her lovely fam-jam. I was SO excited that I forgot how very hard it is to do the visiting over a meal when you are on the Whole30. Let these pictures explain for me:

Nom! Doughnuts!!!! No, no, bad doughnuts!!!
Hello yummy sandwich and Doritos and pasta salad that will make me feel ill but I want anyway!
So much food! I checked the lunch meat, all non whole30. I only pouted for a moment.

I sniffed the doughnuts, read the ingredients on the other items and tried not to be a big party pooper because our family really tried to find food that three vegetarians, a Whole30 participant, and a guy with Proctitis could all eat while following there own personal rules of ingestion. (I know I used this two posts ago, but I liked it and so did Kate. Hi Kate!)
Instead of falling off my very sturdy bandwagon to heed the siren call of Bartliffs delicious looking and smelling pastries, I pulled up my big girl pants and made me a paleo sammie.

Whole30 approved Turkey, spinach salad (Thank you FSIL for that salad, so good) and some paleo mayo.
olives and my two wraps. I got fancy with the dill weed. Sorry it’s shaky, I was hungry.

These babies filled me up and I did not eat a doughnut!! Aren’t you proud!? After we all had a wonderful visit and everyone bid adieu, I went to work on a menu plan. I enjoy cooking and shopping, so therefore menu planning is usually fun for me because I love to browse Pinterest and get ideas. Today was a bit rushed and I was hungry so it was a bit less enjoyable but still a good time. Here is what my meal planning and shopping list look like to me:

Except this is upside down. Thanks phone

I will now type it out so you don’t get a neck cramp. You’re welcome;)

Breaky – Spinach Quiche
Lunch – Every man for himself
Supper – Cabbage and chicken saute

Breaky – Mango slices and bacon with spinach and avocado
Lunch – Smoked salmon, capers, salad and beets
Supper – Curried Cauliflower rice soup

Breaky – Boiled eggs, avocado, grapefruit
Lunch – Tuna salad on celery and apples
Supper – Paleo meatloaf and broccoli

Breaky – Breakfast cups
Lunch – Turkey roll ups
Supper – Tuna and chicken salad on celery

Breaky – Breakfast hash (code words for “throw whatever you can in a skillet”)
Lunch – Pizza potato skins
Supper – Chimichurry wings with leftovers and salad

Breaky – Boiled eggs, salmon, capers and veg
Lunch – Pogos with kimchi and sweet potatoes
Supper – Taco bowls

Breaky – Hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, veggies
Lunch – pasta for boys, take veggies to work
Supper – Turkey avocado burgers

There it is. My plan for the week. Now you’ll notice when I swerve away from this and when I hold true. This is our first week back to normal weekly programming for our evenings, so I anticipate the odd mishap.
I took my plan and my list and shopped. It was a large shop and my cashier made fun of me for the fact that every time I go through her lane I am buying so much food. I shopped for my Whole30 and restocked our snack cupboard for lunches. Boy#1 came with me and was super helpful. After the shop we went swimming at the Y, as I had promised to make up for yesterday. It was fun to just be the two of us swimming around. I slipped into the sauna near the last bit and Boy#1 kept coming to check on me. I love that about him, his desire to know where I am,in a seven year old I know that will not last much longer.
After our swim we went home, my son helped unload the groceries without prompting (shock and awe) and asked to have a snack. As his father had taken his turn to fall asleep with Boy#2 tonight, I said we could. this is what he made and photographed (my budding food blogger):

Boy#2 and a well rounded? meal At least there is fruit

We snuggled and ate watermelon and seaweed. It was lovely. This is when I remember why I am taking care of myself and my health. Not only for me, but also for my family.
On that note I am off to snuggle my wee ones and have a sleep.


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