Sleep, eat, workout, repeat.

This is what happens when you don’t sleep as well as you should. You fall asleep beside your three-year old child at 8 PM and wake up with him at 6 AM when he pees the bed, realizing you never wrote your blog or did meal planning! I got my sleep but missed getting everything done last night. Crap.
Here is my Friday catch up post. There aren’t many pictures because I worked and slept. I began my Friday with clear intentions and high hopes: make breakfast, go to yoga, go home, cut some hair, eat lunch, take boys swimming, cut more hair, put boys to bed and write blog, clean house for company. Instead I got part way through that list before i all got messed. You know, life. Breakfast was awesome, Yoga was fantastic, finished up first two clients, ate lunch and headed back to the pool. Get to the pool, get boys undressed and find out pool has been closed due to pool fouling, Boy#1 starts bawling because he wanted to go swimming. Boy#2 is happy because he did not want to go swimming, he asks to go home and play video games. Boy#1 is super upset as I drag them back out the door to the car, then I speak the dreaded bribe words “I’ll take you to McDonald’s”. As soon as the words are out of my mouth I regret it. But it has it’s desired effect and my eldest is calm. Head to McD’s, cannot find my wallet. Have to leave the parking lot with two upset boys now. Tell them Daddy will bring them for supper. Brilliant! Because then I’m not in the temptation zone and my boys are happy.
I cut more hair, sit down with my boys and my Hubs asks if I’m going to McDonald’s too because my in-laws are going to meet him there. I think “I guess I can eat the salads.” I head out to face temptation. We get to McD’s, get up to order, they only have three salads now. So I order the greek with no feta, no dressing, add bacon. It was ok, not good, but ok. We had a nice visit with my Sister-in-law and her family. My Sister-In-Law and her family are Vegetarians and understand the difficulty of ordering food at take out places.
We head home and I fall asleep next to my little guy! AAAAA!
Here we are.


My Breakfast was very simple: Mango wrapped in prosciutto on spinach.
Lunch was left over chicken avocado soup and dinner was the ok salad from McD’s.
I snacked a bit on Sweets and Beets and had a banana, I also had Pineapple Matcha for my morning beverage instead of coffee. It was good helper for my day.
Now that I’ve caught up on yesterday I am off to tell you about today!



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