Keep Moving Forward

One week ago today I started my second Whole30. Today I am feeling better, clearer and more energetic. The cravings are low, the energy is up and I am ready for the week ahead. Today was a great stay at home in our jammies, don’t leave unless absolutely necessary day. Living in Canada in the Winter means cold weather with snow and wind and brrrr, today that kept me in my house and pajamas all day. I needed it and LOVED it! We had a homey, cozy day. Frittata for breakfast, prepped beef jerky, got the kitchen clean, played some games with the kids, un-decorated the remainder of Christmas, made supper, put away ALL my laundry, and got our boys to bed on time!! Yay!! Now I get to sit with the Hubs and watch “Minimalist”, a really great documentary on Netflix right now. Do you smell a March Challenge? I smell a March challenge.

My breakfast frittata recipe was found here: Dairy free Frittata  I  only used eight eggs instead of ten, fried three slices of bacon in my large skillet, added the veg, poured the egg mixture over top and baked it for 20 minutes.  I sprinkled my Frittata with Nutritional Yeast, Hubs and Boy#1 had cheese on theirs, I supplemented with the yeast and an avocado. I drank a black coffee for the first time in two days. I usually drink three coffees a day, so this is huge! I have drank green tea for the last few days and no headaches! This was a nice cozy treat.


I made beef jerky after breakfast. I found a recipe here: Smokey Beef Jerky
I edited it to my needs and available ingredients. I sliced up a large roast that was on sale, the butcher at my supermarket recommended it for jerky. I used tamari as he suggests in the recipe, kept in the salt, I doubled most of the ingredients except the salt. I also added in apple cider vinegar to liquefy the marinade a bit. Now my soon to be jerky is in my fridge getting yummy. I’ll tell you how it works out!

Our chill afternoon led to discussion about cutting back screen time. We did a thirty minute on, one hour off deal with our screen addicted kids. It was so nice! They played, they laughed, we all played together and my older son practiced his ukelele, and the Hubs and I were able to talk about our schedule and how to keep it not too crazy. It was nice.

Love our family time! This is what I need to make more of my priority. Being on my journey and learning to be more mindful this month is showing me this extends past food choices to family, time spent, money spent, and life in total. I acknowledge this lesson and open my heart and head up to it.
I snacked a bit before I started supper, had summer sausage and an apple.  Supper tonight was :  Chimichurri Chicken Wings with Ranch Sauce
I found some great wings at our supermarket, PC Free From brand is not totally Whole 30 but as close as I can get for now. They were amazing! I am making these again for sure!! I just used my Dump Ranch from last week on my wings, yum! I set a out a salad for the boys and I had this: Chicken and Cabbage Saute. It was so simple with very affordable ingredients, it tasted delicious and I have lunch for a few days now. Boy#2 had goldfish, a pepperette, and some seaweed snacks. We are working on him.

I did have a blood orange for dessert after bedtime (7:30) but have kept to my challenge of no late night snacking. The going to bed part is much harder though. By the time I sat down to write tonight it was 10, which means I am almost finished this blog at midnight. I’ve got to back my time table up.
Since tonight was my one week milestone I thought I’d take some more pictures to compare to last week’s. Here they are. I apologize for the dirty mirrors and poor lighting, don’t mind the white stomach!


I was really quite excited to see how much better my skin is looking, that the bloat is gone and that my chin is sculpting! In only a week! And that week being one of still snacking and not sleeping enough. We are making some progress.
Tonight after kids got to bed I drank my “Momma Moonshine” as my friend Christine calls it, or Kombucha for the rest of us. I second fermented this one last week so it was all set. Just raspberries in this batch, I liked the simplicity of it. When I sat down for Blog Time I brewed a Peppy Peppermint tea from Steeped Tea. It came in my awesome 24 Steeps Advent Calendar,  I fell in love. Great for before bed.

Well, I am all cozy, feeling ready for another week. This is when shit gets real, we go back to real life this week, work, school, swimming lessons, gymnastics, the works. Wish me luck!  I wish the same to you!


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