To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

Back to the grind! Our week is off to a pretty good start, we got up almost on time today, had a good breakfast and off to the bus. Boy #1 had toast, watermelon, and mango. Boy #2 had toast, and I had mango, prosciutto, steak, grapes and spinach, with a vanilla matcha and almond milk latte. The vanilla matcha is also from Steeped Tea:

After breakfast boy#2 and I headed of for yoga at the Y with my fave Yogi, Jen. I needed that today, it was marvelous. After Yoga we joined our friend Paul for Coffee at Cait’s Cafe (that local croissant place I mentioned in an earlier blog, I do love their croissants) and had some lunch while there. Paul and I had a wonderful conversation about making healthy choices and how yoga is helping us through so much.  I was very happy to find a meal choice I could eat at a local cafe that I already love! I had an almond milk latte and a beautiful butternut squash soup, which I was so excited to eat that I forgot to take a pic of! It was lovely. I’m so grateful to Chef Spencer for making such a nice soup with all Whole30 ingredients;)  Here is my latte which I did remember to take a picture of!

Of course I also had to post the picture of Boy#2 eating his favorite treat, he loves apple juice and croissant dates at Cait’s!
We left for home, played some”Mario Cat” (as Gryffin calls the game on our WiiU) and he won quite a few times. I then worked for a bit this afternoon, ran errands, took our beef jerky out of the oven, picked up kids from the bus, went swimming, played in the gym, headed home to make Riced Cauliflower soup. It was busy! By the way here is the beef jerky recipe: Smokey Beef Jerky. I altered it and feel I could make it tastier, the tamari was a bit to much without enough acid I believe.
After I made the cauliflower soup, found here:Riced Cauliflower soup, I had to rush out before eating it for my play rehearsal. Did I mention I am in a play? I’m in a play!
Play rehearsal was great, it was nice to be back, but I was starving! I ate an orange and that helped a bit. After play Rehearsal at 8:30 I ate my soup. It was AMAZING!!! The texture was almost reminiscent of cous cous or quinoa and the flavour was full. I added salt and ate two bowls!

You can see my jerky here in the picture. Since the soup is vegetarian (could be vegan if you substituted Veggie broth for chicken) I added the jerky alongside for protein. It’s not pretty, the tamari dried very thick. After dinner I had a small handful of apricots and tea. No snacking after. It is now 11:47 and I need to sleep, perchance to dream!


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