Sex With Your Pants On

Got your attention? Ha! If you have read the Whole30 handbook or website you are familiar with this term, also referred to as SWYPO. It means eating Whole30 approved foods prepared to simulate non Whole 30 approved foods. I have been avoiding this tactic, knowing it is not helpful in eradicating bad habits. Tomorrow is a full moon, a full moon tends to affect the tide, if you know what I mean. Tonight I was feeling extra cravings for sweets and chocolate, so I caved and had SWMPO. Pics at the end;)
Today was like a second Monday for me. Tuesdays are the day my Boy#2 heads to daycare, this was the first daycare day back in three weeks. I also had a full day of work scheduled out, however the weather had other plans and I ended up with some time to visit my mother and take on an extra client.
Knowing that this morning was supposed to be busy, I had planned a simple breakfast of grapefruit, avocado, boiled egg and pineapple. I made a nice black tea but ran out of time to drink it as I had to run Boy#1 to the bus.  After Boy#1 was safely on the bus I found shoveling the driveway was my exercise for the day! It took a full half an hour.

Breaky with black tea. Grapefruit and pineapple are lot of acid, but I had no heartburn! 

Had lovely chat with my mom about essential oils, low waste living, and how to organize a spread sheet for keeping a budget and financial record. I got in a little walk there and back and cleaned a bit before eating my lunch leftovers of cabbage and chicken with some of my cauliflower soup on the side. I had a black coffee with my lunch, SWMPO yet, no worries.

Yummy lunch of leftovers!

After lunch I cut some hair, ran to the Chiropractor (Thank you Anita for fixing my jaw!) cut some more hair, ran Boy#1 to gymnastics, picked up Boy#2 and had some excellent convos about Mario, Yoshi, Evie, Dolly, Yo-yo’s and Daddy. Headed home for supper. I am a super crabby pants right before high tide hits and so I was sniping at the boys and the Hubs while trying to prep supper, poor things. When the meatloaf was taking much longer than anticipated I made my men a peace offering of carbs and Hot dogs. A Sidekicks package is very rarely (if it ever has been) seen in my home, and my older son was very intrigued by it! They enjoyed their hot dogs, Sidekick’s macaroni with broccoli cheese, and raw broccoli.  I finished my meat loaf and stuck it in the oven. Then got the boys ready for bed! Recipe here:  I substituted turkey for beef and used some salsa mixed with tomato paste and seasoning. I then scooped part of the mixture into mini muffin tins then the rest into a loaf pan. It was delicious and moist (I know, it’s terrible word).

I added my favourite Mango salsa into the meatloaf and on top of the mini muffins, then I had the sauerkraut alongside, perfect pairing!
Now comes the Sex with pants on moment!  I am, like most women, prone to intense cravings around high tide time, I was cranky and tired and felt I wanted a treat. I gave into my base desires and decided to create a paleo banana split!   “AAAAAA!!!” screams every well behaved, rule abiding Whole30 participant or mediator. I know! But I did it, and I’m not sorry.
I split a banana, spread on a tablespoon each of pumpkin seed butter, sunflower seed butter, and coconut butter on the banana, then sprinkled it with apricots, a date, slivered almonds, unsweetened coconut, and unsweetened shredded chocolate.

This was such a treat and it was lovely. I enjoyed some Creme Carmello Roibos tea with my SWMPO dessert. PMS craving gone! No snacking after this either!
And Here we are, my moment of weakness and Sex with my pants on has left me sitting here feeling satisfied and blissed out;)  I am excited to see what tomorrow brings, maybe a snow day!
Goodnight friends, it is after midnight, but before one, I am getting better!



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