To Cheeto or not to Cheeto…

Day 13!! Friday 13 to be exact. Well, almost halfway! Today was another sluggish day, a push through day. A “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” mantra day. Nothing tough, or bad , or remarkable really pushing down around me, just this sluggy, slow, foggy feeling, I think it’s that darned tide ebbing mixed with my body saying “SLEEP!! SLEEP NOW!!”
My bonus challenge this week was not to snack after dinner. I kind of did it. I reduced my snacks, but also had that SWYPO moment, and ate dinners very late due to schedule issues. Next week I want to try and stick to supper at 5:30/6:00 and no snacks after unless I do a workout. I also want to make it to bed at 11 or earlier each night. Those are my week three goals.
Today I did not make it to my planned yoga class due to the slug attack.  I did manage to get Boy#2 to playgroup for a bit and hear compliments from my gorgeous friend Shauna on how great my legs were looking! Love that girl.

Sleeping in and eating breakfast made me late today. I didn’t want to get up, I was starving, I wanted to have a Saturday morning on Friday. I let Boy#1 have a way too chill morning and didn’t get him to school until 10:30! In exchange for being late,  breakfast  was an enjoyable bit of eggs, bacon, steak, peppers, hashbrowns (leftovers from the insides of last nights potatoes), and spinach, with coffee.  It was lovely.

After having a lovely time at Early Years with Boy#2, we headed for home. I started cleaning things a bit but felts draggy. We sat and watched a movie (Over the Hedge, the one with Hammy “but I like the cookie”)  That was what I need to re-energize. Unfortunately that also allowed me to slack on my lunch. I had an orange, pistachios and seaweed. Oh, and half a banana. It was yummy. I drank coffee. I gained energy. I started fifty tasks and finished two. You know, the usua…SQUIRREL!!  Just as I was really getting on a roll I realized it was time to stop to meet the bus.  I love getting Boy#1 off the bus. Chatting with my bus parents, hugging him as soon as I can, being embarrassing, all that.

I realized that I didn’t have some ingredients for tonight and decided to  run out and grab groceries while I was out anyway. The grocery store was packed! I picked up the few things I need for this coming week and snacks for Boy#1’s sleep over tonight. I have avoided walking down the cookie aisle. Today was tough!!!

Boy #1’s sleepover was with his longtime friend N. It was a birthday gift for him. I like to give experiences instead of extra things to trip over, when possible.  N’s mom tells me he loves tacos. I planned tacos for tonight just for N. N is the son of my very good friend Amber and she is somewhat recently (two years?) vegan. The rest of her family eats meat, but not extra often. N enters my home tonight and his first question in the kitchen is “Do you have taco meat!?” He ate ten tacos!  I used this recipe: Lettuce Wrapped tacos and used my own taco seasoning mixture I made up and keep in my cupboard. I really enjoyed the lettuce as the wrap, it was crunchy and not soggy. I also did not really miss the usual cheese, beans or sour cream. A feat!

After dinner I had a beautiful family of clients come for haircuts, and then rushed the boys out the door to swim. They both swam like fish and were sad when the pool closed. We went through Timmie’s (another temptation today, all I wanted was hot chocolate) and then home for movies. I put cheetos, pretzels and chips into a bowl and found myself reaching for a bite! I don’t usually like cheetos, but they looked good! I instead chose to indulge in a snack, but Whole 30. Can you spot Whole 30 approved snacks in this pic?
Sweets and beets and blueberries! It was yummy!

Now if you’ll excuse my I am falling asleep while typing, I thing I need bed. See you tomorrow for meal plan 2!



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2 thoughts on “To Cheeto or not to Cheeto…

  1. Hey Court, just catching up on your entries 🙂
    I saw a ND and had food sensitivity testing and am doing a modified Whole 30 as a result – cutting everything I am overly reactive to, for about 8 weeks or longer if I can, and then will reintroduce them slowly to see what I can tolerate and what I can’t. It’s to try to eliminate digestive issues (similar to what Daryle has gone thorugh!) and really bad bloating and skin inflammation and horrific eczema. So… that will be my journey 🙂
    I like this idea about Sweets and Beets, I have never tried and one of the items I have to cut is potatoes! But I can do sweet potaotes! So maybe I will try those to quench the chip cravings. Keep at it girl! xo

    1. Yay! Go you!! That is tough. Keep going momma!

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