Up with the Son

I am a night owl. I wake up with the darkness. I feel myself become more alert and aware as soon as night falls. My eldest son is an early bird. No matter how late he falls asleep he is up with the sun and ready for action. Today I rose with him to prepare for work. I was invited by my hairstylist (the hairstylist’s hairstylist, if you will) to assist with a wedding party. It was wonderful fun. I woke up early with the son and got going. Breakfast was quick and sustaining. The pre-cooked steak I buy, blueberries, black coffee and a half banana.

Yummy breakfast. Quick and easy

I had a wonderful time helping a beautiful group of women get ready for a very special day. I got home and made it in time to eat my Hub’s cooking for lunch. He made a full breakfast for noon. Delicious.  He made bacon, eggs, grated potato hashbrowns and I added spinach, tomato, and roasted red pepper. It was yummy and so nice to come home to a nice warm lunch.

Breakfast for lunch! Thank you Hubs!

During Lunch Boy#2 requested hashbrowns, we passed him what Hubs made and then he freaked out. He wanted the pre-formed hashbrowns from the store.  I made a promise to go get some and some more apple sauce. I finished up the final days on meal planning and figured I would Shop tonight after the boys went to bed. Then we all played video games together and had a blast. Hubs and I convinced the boys to spend some time on their own so we could sit and drink coffee. I made a bullet proof coffee and decided to make some ghee so I could try adding it next time. It was easy and I’m excited to try it! Recipe for Ghee here: http://www.everydaymaven.com/2013/how-to-make-ghee/  Here is my Bullet proof coffee inspiration:

The ghee took maybe a total of forty-five minutes.

I’m excited to try it out tomorrow. This week’s meal plan begins tomorrow. It is as follows:

Breakfast – soft boiled eggs with sweet potato sticks
Lunch: Leftovers
Supper: Chicken Schwarma (a yummy looking recipe from my good friend Lisa)

Breakfast – Boiled eggs, smoked salmon, carrots
Lunch – Sweet potato soup
Supper – Tuna salad in avocado, boy have spaghetti

Breakfast – Eggs, bacon, spinach
Lunch – Leftovers
Supper – Crock pot basil chicken with carrot salad

Breakfast – Orange, avocado, scrambled eggs
Lunch – Soup
Supper – Soup and salad

Breakfast – Salmon, eggs, Mushrooms
Lunch – Leftovers
Supper – Venison Roast, Baked potatoes and carrots

Breakfast – Eggs, bacon, avocado, salsa
Lunch – Turkey roll ups
Supper – Sweet potato fries, Buffalo cauliflower, Broccoli tots

Breakfast – Eggs, hashbrowns, Veggies, bacon
Lunch – Quiche
Supper – Chicken and grilled veggies

One more week down!  Tomorrow is day 15! I’m so excited!
Tonight I was tired and had clients to attend to in the afternoon.  When Hubs asked about inviting the BIL and Nephew#1 over I said I’d go get pizza. I ran out and bought groceries too. Grocery shopping hungry is bad!! I went in only planning on buying six items and came out with so much dried fruit I won’t be able to eat it all in months!  Then I grabbed the pizza and the smell of it in the car with my stomach empty was torture! I came home and resisted the urge to eat everything bread like. Hooray for me! I trimmed some more hair, put boys to bed and finally ate my supper.

I started my blog and did snack on some dried fruit. I gave me a pass for Saturdays on snacking. Now, let’s see how I make out tomorrow! Gotta get up with the son;)


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