Halfway there

It is day 15!! Wow. It’s been crazy. I’m pretty thrilled that I’m here halfway with no cheating, you know, on the diet. Now I need to stay on track and not get over confidant. Today was blissful in some ways. I slept in until NOON!! Not healthy but glorious! I woke up, realized I was not making church, (Like seriously, it starts at 10:30) realized my Hubs had gotten up with the boys and they were quiet!! I snuck out of bed, went pee, grabbed my script, a coffee and a banana and WENT BACK TO BED!! I felt very guilty and happy. I sat there for about twenty minutes. Bliss.

My script, yay! Finally reading it BEFORE a rehearsal:D

Then I forced myself out of the snuggly cocoon and made “brunch” lunch. We had soft boiled (well, hardboiled and then runny eggs) with sweet potato toast for me and bread toast for the boys. Soft boiled eggs are Boy#1’s favourite and so I was bit sad it didn’t really work, but he was cool with it. The Sweet potato toast was pretty yummy.


After a yummy, yet not perfect breakfast/lunch, I headed to play rehearsal. I love acting, especially with these women. They are funny, talented and absolutely delightful. Toward the end of rehearsals right before the play you may hear different, don’t believe me, I am just stressed out and nervous. They are my people. Today was very fun. At rehearsal I ate an apple, a tangerine and some nuts. Had a second black coffee and water. That kept me going until home time.

For Supper I made chicken schwarma from a recipe given to me by my friend and director Lisa. It turned out AMAZEBALLS!! Here are the pics of the recipe that Lis sent me.

I mashed some Korean sweet potatoes up because I forgot about potatoes until five minutes before the chicken was done. They were actually quite perfect with some ghee and some of the chicken drippings. I also used chicken thighs instead of breasts because I bought a large package for another recipe later this week. This was a hit with the Hubs too except for the slaw, but I set out a veggie tray for them.

It is the start of week three so time for progress photos. I am feeling great, but still need to sleep more and snack less. My skin is clearing and the heartburn has not returned. I am consuming far too many nuts, next thing to try to cut down on. Here are the photos, yikes!

Quite a change! Here are the rest:

After my pics I had a snack! ooops. Watermelon, blueberries, and mint with coconut on top.

Now I am finishing up and heading to bed at 11:27!! Yay!

Cheers all!

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2 thoughts on “Halfway there

  1. Wow lady you are looking great, and your skin looks fantastic!! Holy guacamole!! I haven;t tried sweet potato toasts before, I must try these! Other things I have had to cut for my new diet is gluten, yeast (so no GF bread!) and white potatoes, so I hope the sw potato toasts are good!!

    1. They are yummy. Did you try some?

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