When You Eat ALL The Nuts: a Quickie

Had to use more sexual inuendo in a title sooner or later. Don’t worry! I didn’t! Not the nut part. Not in one day anyway, but I know I almost did, and still now am snacking after eating two suppers and snacking earlier. Gah! Knocking down this bad habit is very difficult. I have finally sat down to do my “leisure activity”, blog writing and tv watching, at 11:43. That’s right, this idea of going to bed on time, not happening.  Hence the quickie. (wink wink)
Today I slept in, surprise! I allowed Boy#1 to stay home from school with a sore throat, even though it seemed to stop causing him pain shortly after I called the school…oh well. We had a nice breakfast that I forgot to take pictures of. Scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and veggies. It was yummy and Boy#2 ate FOUR hashbrowns!! Today when I asked why his newish shoes did not fit he said “I grew, because I ate food.” Actually it was because his older brother dropped his Baby Bell cheese wax into his shoe which caused him quite a bit of discomfort.  After we removed it SURPRISE!! The shoes fit!
We ran around and did errands, visited the library and had a nice morning.  We came home and I made sweet potato coconut soup. I made it up as I went, which I tend to do often with soups. I make my own stock from scraps and chicken bones, and made a new batch the other day. I keep it on the stove, warm, so I can drink it and use it whenever. Basically I throw all my veggie scraps in a big freezer bag all week and freeze it then take them out and dump them in a big pot with soup bones or poultry carcass, fill it with water and then bring to a boil. Keep it at a boil for about thirty minutes until the white foam forms on top, I scoop it off and then lower the heat to low. Let it simmer for 24 hours. Around 12 hours I smash it all down with a potato masher. Then after the full 24 hours I strain it into a smaller pot and put back on the stove to keep warm. The strained bits go in the compost or trash. I’m trying to find a better way to reuse them as I look into my next challenge: February Zero Waste Challenge.  I’ve been told the veg can be made into crackers, but I need to figure out the meat:/

I posted on my local Facebook sale page that I needed some glass jars for our February Challenge and my mother’s neighbour messaged me to offer me these gorgeous vintage canning jars! I washed them up and some are now holding my soup!
The soup I made by heating Ghee in my soup pot, adding half an onion and two cloves of garlic, soften them, add a carrot, pour stock over to fill over half. At same time roast two sweet potatoes in the oven on the bacon grease left over on the cookie sheet with salt and pepper. After fifteen minutes I took them out and threw them in the pot, added cinnamon, curry and coconut curry soup flavouring. Boiled for ten more minutes, whirred with a hand blender (or soup emulsifier as my brother-in-law calls it) and then added coconut milk and lime juice. Stirred over low heat. And done. Served with salmon on the side and cilantro on top. Quite good.
Dinner was leftover meatloaf, reheated cabbage saute and I had some raw veg. Ran out the door halfway through that for play rehearsal. Ate a banana and orange, almonds and a pepperette at rehearsal, came home and finished dinner. Drank tea and kombucha (my tummy has been terribly gassy with all the cabbage I’ve been eating) and ate twenty Sweets and Beets and a date. BLAH!

And now I am going to attempt to fall asleep. Thanks for the quickie;)



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