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Confession time: I am a foodie, a drama nerd, a Trekkie, a classic movie fan, a tea drinker, a collector of trinkets, a lover of Benedict Cumberbatch, a coffee snob, I “squeee” over animals and babies, and I am a geek. I geek out. I married a geek/nerd/video game genius. He is who taught me how to embed a video into my blog, make links function, and find my subscribe button. “He” also just launched a website yesterday and I am extremely happy for him. (Insert shameless promotion of the Hubs)>;><{ (See, he’s the smart one, that was just symbols to make me think I can maybe write code).  If you like geeking out, video games, being a parent, helping people, or all of those things, check out the website:  Shameless promotion of my Hubs finished. Thank you for checking it out!

Today was a bit of a slow go. I again was up until after 1 a.m. finishing blog, looking at facebook and being dumb. This morning I wanted to wake up but did not succeed as quickly as I had hoped I would. It was kindof a snow day for our school and my eldest KINDOF still had a sore throat. I told the eldest he could stay home today and went back to sleep. Then I awoke at 9 and went “Crap”. I had a client to day and Boy#2 was headed to daycare anyway. Seeing that Boy#1 seemed rather well and the weather seemed the same, I shoved my children and myself into clothing and headed out for school at 10. BLAH!
When I returned from depositing children at their appropriate places of play and learning I went back to the abode of me to sustain myself.  I ate some more smoked salmon, watermelon, a mashed avocado, cucumber, and caper berries, drank some black coffee, and read Facebook. It was pretty ok. I love smoked salmon, but this brand of caper berries were just too sour.

Breakfast is served!

After breakfast I boiled some water for tea to drink with my client, and set about doing a second ferment on my kombucha. I had four empty jars to fill so I was able to use up most of my latest first ferment. I whirled some watermelon and mint in my nutri bullet and poured that in the bottom of two bottles, then whirled grapefruit and rosemary for the other two. I was out of blueberries and dill, that is the combo Boy#1 wants to try. I will have to have them on hand for next time. As I finished my brews up and placed them in my cupboard, my client walked in, perfect timing. It was a full out two tone colour on thick, thick hair. Took me an hour to apply and 45 minutes to set. While she “cooked” so did I, supper. See what I did there?  I prepped  Crockpot Basil Chicken for din din. Took me about 20 minutes to get it all set, enough time after to finish our tea.
I did not really eat lunch since I had a very late breakfast, so I snacked on seaweed and sweets and beets at Boy#1’s gymnastics class. After gymnastics headed home to get the rest of dinner ready. I cut up five white potatoes and roasted them at 450 for twenty minutes, steamed some broccoli and put raw veg out. I was worried that the chicken smelled too garlic-like and that Hubs would revolt at the sight of onions, but it all worked out! It was quite a tasty curry type dish and we all loved it.

Quite a nice dinner with my new blackberry kombucha. I mixed in mulling spice and it was DELICIOUS!

After dinner I rushed off to rehearsal, Boy#1 begging me to skip, and made it only two minutes late! Hooray! I grabbed an almond latte and had that with four pieces dried mango and an orange. Rehearsal went quickly, and now I am home writing to all of you after finishing dishes. It is 10:55! Maybe I’ll make it to bed by midnight! While writing you I had…confession…a snack! Some nuts, five prunes and two dried apricots. I am bad. I also drank some Jenna Cherry Jubilee tea from Steeped Tea. It tastes like cherry pie without the pie.

Dessert tea and my bad girl snacking habit

Now I go to bed after a quick netflix detour. I bid you farewell, Live Long and Prosper, auf wiedersehen, and so on…





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