Mombies, Miracles and Moonstones

Here I sit in my bed with a sleeping seven year-old pinning my arm to my side as I attempt to type in the dark. Family bedsharing win? This is my brilliant plan to get to bed a bit earlier,…we’ll see. Boy#1 promises to wake us all up at 7:15 tomorrow so we can actually get stuff done in the morning. He has been late for school so many times this week! I slept in until nine this morning. NINE!!! Mom FAIL! He was all ready too, dressed and eating an apple. “MUST SLEEP EARLIER!” Yells the mombie. Yes, I am a mombie, not in the sense of my dear friends with multiples, newborns, nurslings, and constant night wakers are. I am definitely not trying to detract from their legit mombie-ness. No, I am a self made mombie. The mombie who over-commits, runs all over the place trying to meet the commitments I have already made, then stays up cleaning the sad small amount I NEED to in order to ensure my children don’t die of food poisoning, then because I’m tired and exhausted I sit on my couch, write my blog, snack, and watch tv even after I am done my blog. I choose to do each of these things. I am a self-made mombie. I wake up in the morning, too late to get real shit done, and shuffle around mumbling incoherent things as I frantically (as frantically as possible in mombie land) try to get my kids out the door and myself less awful looking, or at least in pants.
This is my battle. I battle with my eating habits and my sleeping habits. Today I went to a mom group/Bible study at a local church. I have been attending since my friend Amber invited me back in 2013 when Boy#2 was just a baby. These women are my people. They have prayed for me, listened to me as I take over sharing time, and they are REAL! At this group I find my bit of church that I don’t always get on Sunday because of serving in the nursery, Sunday school, or because we don’t make it to church. Wednesday is my Sunday.  Today I attended and the video we watched today (we are now a MOPS study group, which has a wonderful program set up for moms of preschoolers and shows a different video each week) was about sleep!! I know not everyone believes in a higher power, but these are the moments I find myself feeling pretty convinced personally. They woman they interviewed was speaking about sleep and rest. She was a sleep specialist that aides parents in finding out more about their child’s sleep habits and teaching them how to help start good ones so that everyone can be rested and well. She spoke about lowering light, sleeping in a cool room, having white noise. All things I do for my kids. She talked about keeping the sleep routine the same all the time, something else we try to maintain at home for our boys.  Then she brought up how getting our kids to sleep well means we can then sleep well and then our families will work together better. I have never taken this seriously before. I have really taken for granted that for the past year both my kids SLEEP.
After listening to the video I thought “I need to take this to heart, I’m going tot try treating myself like a baby.” The book we read with the study was all about resting when weary and giving yourself space to rest even when the dishes need done or the laundry is calling your name. It also spoke about playing as being part of rest. Giving yourself permission to “play”. Pick a hobby, do something playful, don’t just check out in front of a screen.
I got home tonight from Group Power, put Boy#1 to bed, filled the dishwasher, ran myself a bath and sat and reread that chapter in the tub. It was a glorious experience!
I have amazing clients as a hairstylist, yesterday my lovely Tania brought me some delicious smelling candles. Today one of my favourite Reiki masters, Bronwyn, brought me a beautiful chakra bathbomb to help open the third eye. After my first session with her she found my Third Eye to be blocked, around my ears mostly, which apparently happens when you are doing a lot of listening and not speaking out, throat chakra also a bit of an issue for me not speaking my truth. She has given me a moonstone for balancing and makes these amazing bathbombs as well.
I know you are thinking “Wait, has she just gone from Bible study, praying and feeling in tune with God to moonstones and chakras!?”  Yes, yes I did, and I also threw in some family bed sharing earlier. (Insert winky tongue out face here. ;P)  I believe in God and the Bible and I believe God is energy and creates energy, as well as the earth having energy from the Creator, and Reiki is channeling energy so I totally feel it can work. I also feel that even if something doesn;t “work” sometimes us believing it does is enough to keep us aware and feeling well. There is my hooky, out there, crazy crunchy momma, Christian self truth out now. Have fun with that Paul;P

Anyway, I had a candle lit bath with my crunchy bath bomb, burnt some yummy scented candles and ate chocolate (albeit unsweetened). I was in my bed with the laptop by 10:30 hoping to get this done for midnight. I hope I can get some good sleep habits going (I know, computers in bedroom bad, that will change tomorrow, tonight I wanted to enjoy my bath)
Let’s catch you up on food for the day!  Breakfast was beef jerkey, an apple, a slice of pineapple and black coffee at MOPS.  Lunch was leftover Chicken Schwarma and slaw with an appetizer of cauliflower soup and kombucha. Dinner was egg salad with pickles, mayo, celery, red onion and salt mixed up, then celery sticks, carrots with almond butter, and a banana. After my workout I had beef jerky and then the snack in the bath.

sideways lunch. The kombucha was yummy with mulled spices and blackberries.

The other exciting thing that happened today was that I got my order of epicure form the new catalog! It has so many yummy things I want to try during my Whole30 and after.

Well dear readers, there is my day; Mombies, miracles and moonstones. That’s me in a nutshell. Well, add in a dash of geek and s titch of hairstylist, and that’s closer. Now to try some shut eye!


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4 thoughts on “Mombies, Miracles and Moonstones

  1. Fun! Fun? I was practically vibrating as I read! 😛

    1. You Crack me up. Hope that vibration turned out ok for you😉

  2. I love that you are a Crunchy, Crazy, Christian mama and give yourself permission to be all of them!! I am the same, not Christian though, but very spiritual and almost religious in my own right, minus the church part. It’s all about what makes sense for us, what fills us up, what makes us live our very best lives and be the very best human beings we can be.
    And I relate 100% to the Mombie part… it’s awful because it comes from a place of love, but we end up damaging ourselves which can damage our relationships with others if we let it get too bad… the struggle is so real.
    I can’t wait to try making the chicken shawarma!!

    1. I just saw this Katrina! Thank you for your solidarity!!

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