Onion Kombucha Smells Disgusting

I love experimenting.  I think that is why I love my job and the creative aspect of it. I love cooking new things, trying anything once. Well green onion Kombucha is definitely stopping at the once. It tasted interesting and not bad really, but it smells DISGUSTING and exploded all over my kitchen. I still have not learned as much as I should about opening my bottles slowly I guess!
Well despite that epic failure today was good. We got up, got Boy#1 to the bus on time (first time all week!) and managed to get some breakfast before heading to playgroup and gymnastics. I forgot to take a picture again. I made scrambled eggs, veggies and a chai tea latte.
After gymnastics we headed home and I prepared my lunch to enjoy with my friend Nancy who was bringing her own and coming to have a visit. It was wonderful. We spoke of backyard chickens, dietary changes and raising kids. She is the expert, she raised ten! It was a wonderful chat with a wonderful woman.

For snack at three with the sweetest three year old, I had a bullet proof coffee with ghee and he had a banana. We played Mario Kart all afternoon. Too much fun. He beat me every time.
I realized today that I just LOVE eating! I’m always looking for a way to eat. I eat a lot compared to my friends. I think I need to be more mindful of when I feel satisfied and not just fill my plate and stomach. I am going to try listening more to my body and less to my desires.
Thursdays are one of the only nights we generally get to stay home, it’s so nice to have that once in a week. Tonight I made a venison roast that my husband could not eat and he got hot dogs, oops. Along with the roast I baked potatoes, boiled carrots and had cabbage. Also I had the fermented turnip and carrot. It was a nice dish. I think I needed more braising liquid for the venison. It was a bit dry.

Venison, fermented carrot, boiled carrot, cabbage, a couple olives and baked potatoes. I bake mine without tin foil. I just poke them with holes and coat in olive oil.

I did not snack tonight!!  I drank onion kombucha, and that basically kept my appetite in check. I joke, well, not really.
Heading to bed before midnight. Wish me luck!


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