Skipping Yoga for Video Games

It is very rare in a week that I choose to stay home in the morning with Boy#2. Hubs works from home, as do I, and it makes for a better day if I get my smallest introvert out of the house for at least a few hours unplugged.  Boy#2 LOVES Super Mario, and I mean LOVES! He has been playing video games since before he could walk or talk (not that I was in total agreement with this, but Dad couldn’t help himself) even as a colicky infant, watching Hubs play some Super Mario 3D World would always calm him down. My youngest is a homebody, an introvert like his dad. If I don’t take him out of the house with a purpose he will just happily sit and play “Bideo games” all day whilst eating fishy crackers and occasionally watching youtube.
You can only guess what his response is any time I suggest we go out somewhere…”NOOOOOO!!! I don’t want to go! I WANT to play BIDEO GAMES!!!!!” Now I have upped my game, I warn him when he wakes up as to our destination, then I tell him at breakfast what we are doing and when we are getting dressed (this boy LIVES in P.J.’s and underoos.) after that I turn off the game he’s playing and leave with him happy or mad. Usually by the time we get there he is happy. Today when I told him we were going to the Y after breakfast he “Mommy I don’t feel like going to the Y today. I want stay home wit you (this was so nice, usually he says stay home with dad) and play Bideo games. Will you play Mario wit me?” Well I looked right at him and his sweet little cherub face and said “Sure.”

Trying to capture the star with Mario. He rolls his tongue and sticks it out the corner of his mouth when he’s concentrating. It’s adorable.

What a lovely morning we had! We stayed in our jammies until 11, played video games just the two of us, had breakfast together and snuggled. I love these times. I have to remind myself to take these moments in with fervor, as I know they will be gone too quickly.  Today I skipped the gym to play video games, and it was worth it!

For breakfast I had bacon, scrambled eggs, saute of green pepper, red onion, orange pepper, spinach, celery, and fermented turnip with carrot. It was wonderful! Hubs refused his veg as the fermented turnip and carrot is severely unpalatable to him. The three year old also managed to nick Hubs’ bacon! Boy#2 had dad’s third slice of bacon, apple sauce and a pepperette. Lol, breakfast of champion three year olds!

After our delightfully lazy morning I started supper at 11 because I knew I’d booked my afternoon full for semi formal. Supper was Buffalo Cauliflower (Thank you Paul for the inspo last week) with a paleo “blue cheese” sauce. Since both of these recipes were formed with vegans in mind, not Whole 30 rules, I tweaked and twiddled with the recipes.
Buffalo Cauliflower wings are found here:
The “blue cheese” dressing here:
I used two heads of cauliflower, but they were smallish so I didn’t try to make extra batter, I did anyway.since the recipe is vegan and not paleo I had to change the flour to half coconut half arrowroot, which sucked up more liquid. I put an egg in my wet measuring cup then filled it up to one cup with almond milk. The recipe is vegan so no egg called for but I though it might help stick the batter to the cauliflower.I ended up adding an extra half cup of almond milk because the coconut flour really soaks it up. I used almond meal for bread crumbs. I ran out of almond meal after the first six large pieces so again improvised and did just batter, then when the batter ran out I mixed oil, buffalo sauce and an egg and used that on the final batch. After the original 30 minutes I doused them all in the buffalo egg concoction and cooked them for another seven minutes.


To make the blue cheese dressing I just made my quick mayo and then took half and mixed it with cashews, garlic, nutritional yeast and anything else in the recipe and blended. Easy! and yummy!

I ended up taking my dinner to my Mother in Law’s for our ladies game night for my sister in law’s birthday. I ate the cauliflower bites. AMAZEBALLS! Totally awesome! Making those again. I also brought snacks because I knew there would be lots of not Whole 30 stuff. She ha a fruit and veggie tray all set for when I got there, It was SO nice! I ate that, sweets and beets, some dried fruit, a couple pistachios and some almonds ant then went to coffee. Such a fun night!

After leaving the party I went to grocery shop without a meal plan!!! I worte out a list and just went for it. Tomorrow I will share the meal plan. Right now it is 2:00a.m and I am falling asleep. Sorry. Tonight the bedtime did not work out with trying to put all the food away and want ing to blog.

Good Night dear readers! I sleep now and dream of Mario;)


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2 thoughts on “Skipping Yoga for Video Games

  1. Not sure how inspiring my plate of roasted cauliflower with a side of buffalo flavoured panko could have been? I’ll be trying again though.

    1. Oh Paul! You are funny. It just sounded so yummy. You are inspirational.

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