Day 23 again. Day ja vu;)

I’m back. Let’s try an update post on meals! Since Sunday is usually my progress pics day, I’ve got them all ready to go. I missed posting all weekend so here is a quick summary in photos:


Saturday and Sunday went by in a whirl and I’m happy they are over. I’m ready to collapse and it’s only Monday!  Today I finally meal planned. Here it is:
Breakfast – Cereal and bananas (Qia for me)
Lunch – Turkey wraps
Supper – Ribs, broccoli, and mashed potatoes and carrot.

B – Boiled eggs, avocado, and orange
L – Soup and turkey wraps
S – Pork chops, spinach salad and frozen veg medley

B – Smoked Salmon, capers, spinach
L – Lettuce wraps
S – Tuna wraps for me.

B – Eggs and sausage,with fermented turnip and carrot
L – Seaweed wraps
S – Chicken BLTS and mushrooms

B – Sweet potato toast with pears, spinach and eggs
L – Salmon wraps
S – Lamb taco bowls in lettuce wraps

This morning I got up with the Boy#1 and got breakfast on the table, but I still didn’t eat until after the bus drop!

Breakfast! Qia is a seed and nut mix, I let the chia soak up the almond milk, it’s not an every day breakfast, but it is a nice fast one. Early grey de le creme tea to drink, boy#2’s left over banana.

I hung out with boy #2 and tried to clean. Didn’t happen. I took boy#2 on errands and got some booch brewed, made lunch and cleaned up the dishes.

Booch galore!  Lunch was good. Hubs has gone GF again due to the cankers and guts feeling ill so he ate what I did!!

Yummy Turkey Wraps!!

Supper was ribs and they were awesome!! I had to figure out my own Whole30 recipe. So I heated up the Le Creuset with oil, browned some garlic, rubbed the ribs with paprika, onion powder, and ginger wasabi. I browned the ribs in the dutch oven, then poured kombutcha in to braise. I put them in the oven at 300 for two hours. They came out perfect. I poured on a paleo bbq sauce and stuck under the broiler for 5.  Broccoli and mashed carrots with potatoes. YUM! And Boy#1 LOVES ribs. He was in heaven!

Now the progress pictures! Yikes!


There we are. feeling better but still flabby. Need more workouts.
Well, I have sat down, typed, ate the snacks. OOH! I found these yummy banana things!

They are like candy! I only ate the serving suggestion! Well, due to the blog I am up way too late.
Good night dear loves.



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