Sleep, drink, eat, repeat.

This is blog number two for the day. Today was tough. I felt exhausted all day. Like a worn out rag. Hubs was so kind and helped me with supper, cleaned up while I had a nap after before my evening client came. I felt bolstered by his support and understanding.
Here is a quick run down from the day as I am up super late after writing my first post earlier about #BellLetsTalk.

Breakfast was a nice slow affair since I didn’t have a client first thing today.

After Breakfast I dropped Boy#2 off at Daycare and went to have cinnamon roll tea with my good friend Elizabeth who is on her own healthy journey. She is doing awesome and inspires me in so many ways. Thanks for the tea Elizabeth, McKenzie and Catherine!!
I had my good friend, neighbour, and client, Penny, over for highlights during lunch. I was rude and ate in front of her. She was cool though. We have good chats. She is vegetarian so I only felt a little guilty chowing on my meat buffet in front of her.

lunch meat, lunch meat, spinach, carrots, fermented kimchi, olives and a banana. Full up.

After that I had the wonderful Paul and his daughter Elizabeth for hair trims and a visit and then ran off to the bus to collect my charges and walk them home to their mom.
Took Boy#1 to gymnastics, picked up boy#2 and it was here I felt myself bottoming out. I felt dragged down by a heavy weight. I had asked hubs to do the gymnastics run so I could stay at home but he was still working when I had to leave. When I got back he was very helpful with dinner and that really kept me from just curling up on the floor to cry. I love a man who can make salad and take direction from me in the kitchen, even when I’m tired and cranky. (Thank you darling man) Boy#1 set the table and helped as much as he could. Everyone listened and did their best to help lighten my load this afternoon, I am truly grateful.  For dinner:

After dinner the boys had pie and I had a nap. Then onto my client Katelyn and a snack of orange and dates. Then after that blogs and pistachios. So much for no snacking!!!

Well, I’m exhausted and off to bed finally. Thank you for reading!



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