Boom. There it is.

Have you ever had one of those days that is a whirlwind of life change? Where everything you were seeing as normal swung around and you faced it backwards? Today that kind of happened. Or normal accelerated. Something like that.
Today began normal. Made breakfast, cut hair, took an unwilling Boy#2 to gymnastics, headed to pop popcorn at our school for popcorn day. Then everything began to speed up. Hubs texted me: “Wow! A guy just wrote about our festival on a blog and we sold over 2,000 tickets!! I get a paycheck this month!” That is exciting since we were kind of expecting to live mostly on whatever I made until at least June when ticket sales started to take off for the October fan festival. Then I get a phone call an hour later: “We have sold 4,000!!! If this keeps up we’ll be sold out by tonight! Let’s celebrate. We’re all going out to dinner.” Hubs has partnered with the talented BIL in mounting a Harry Potter fan festival in our little town. We thought the number of tickets may sell, but probably not sell out. Tonight they were gone by nine p.m. all thanks to a blog post! Now I know we can buy groceries for the next few months!
I know I’ve written of my weird superstitions, faith and eccentricities before, here I go again. I grew up Pentecostal and learned at a young age to tithe %10 of my money to God first. It was something I knew to do. As a young woman I would still do this as my way to thank God for all He was giving and honour Him. It was a bit of an exercise in mindfulness too. After I got married and we began to have money issues and things got tight, tithing got put aside. We would attend church and hear the sermons but I needed that %10 for groceries, or gas, or something else. This month I felt worried about our financial situation. I was just praying in a conversational way. Asking God for guidance. I felt a bit of an urge to try tithing again. I thought “well it can’t hurt.” That day I took everything I earned from hair and took out %10 for tithe, %10 for savings and %10 for expenses. I did it the next three work days. This Sunday I made it to church. Hubs stayed home with a headache. I remembered my tithe. I placed it in the offering plate trusting God that He would provide all my needs. Then, as if on cue, the pastor’s sermon was on tithing and God’s faithfulness. Normally I would have rolled my eyes at another “give me sermon” but I listened and was like “Man God. You got me. I’m listening. I trust you”. I went home and told Hubs, he was okay with it but not sure about it as we need money for rent. Last week I noticed my clientele rising a bit and the right amount of money to cover our needs had come in for that week. This week I was feeling the same about our needs being met but still a bit stressed about making bills.  Today, after working hard for two months to try and sell enough tickets so they could get paid this month and set the festival in true motion, a landslide of promise hit. I looked at my husband and said “I Tithed!!!”  I am not trying to downplay all the hard work that led to this, or the well placed blog that brought on an internet blitz, but I really felt that there was God going “see. Trust me.” He provided, using our jobs, our friends, and strangers. It’s amazing!!

There is my own special brand of faithful, crunchy, crazy momma for this week. Hope you like it;)  Now onto the Whole30! I was very tempted to veer off this evening. When My dear friend heard we were going out to dinner to celebrate tonight she came and handed me money and said “I’m so happy for you guys! I want to buy you dinner. Get a glass of wine and some good food and really have fun!” I was like “Sweet! Wine!” And, of course, overwhelmed by her sweet kindness, but then I went “oh crap! Whole 30!” I thought I might give myself a pass because this was a special celebration and we had been told to celebrate. Then we got to the restaurant and I made my first choice of ordering water. Then I ordered a salad (which had goats cheese on it, but I tried to scrape it off to my SIL). Next up was the Entree. The burgers, the pizza, the pasta, mmmmmm. I got steak and veg since the potatoes had butter in them. It was delicious! And I still felt celebratory. YAY!! I did not cheat!In one day I popped popcorn and did not cheat, I bought Culbert’s cream puffs and did not cheat, and I went out for a big celebratory dinner and DID NOT CHEAT! I just proved myself to myself! I am very happy. Here are the few pictures I actually took today (oops).

I only ate Terra chips and a pear for lunch. Ran out of time to pack a proper one. And I should be honest and say I ate one popcorn kernel to make sure the seasoning was correct. I forgot until it was in my mouth. The rest I made the all too willing three year old test.
In short, it was a fantastic day full of crazy and amazing. Thank you God! Thank you Hubs, thank you readers. What a roller coaster!
I am off to bed now and I hope my long sleep last night (fell asleep with Boy#1 at nine, hence no blog from yesterday) can bolster me through tomorrow.

Thank you all so much for all of the love and encouragement and solidarity I received after my “Let’s Talk” post. It means so much to me. Please let my story inspire you to talk and listen.



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