Grocery Shopping On An Empty Stomach Yields Much Fruit

Boy#2 loving his bread from Gramps. He even ate the crust!

Friday Friday Friday! After yesterday’s amazing sell out of festival tickets (head to for all info about the festival and any news about volunteer opportunities) I have been receiving quite a few messages and comments.  It’s exciting to know so many people are excited!  It is also exhausting.  I couldn’t believe how tired I was this afternoon. Adrenaline finished!

This morning Boy#1 missed the bus so I missed my breakfast.  Almond milk latte from Cait’s was my breakfast. I got to be popular and sit with the BIL, Nathan, as we drank coffee and got asked a lot of questions. I felt a bit like how I think Tito felt sitting next to Michael. (If you don’t get that reference I’m too old for you, get off my blog. Just kidding!  Go ask your mom.) Headed home to talk with Hubs and fend off the angry three year old from stealing his dad’s phone.

I ate a piece of turkey and five Terra chips before my afternoon client came. She brought me green tea and that was wonderful.  She also brought an adorable baby. It was a fun afternoon. 

Lunch? Still had latte from breakfast

After my client left Hubs came home from his meeting and hang with the boys until Boy#1 headed to Nana’s for a big boy sleepover.  By this time Hubs and I were starving and Boy#2 was SCREAMING because he didn’t get to go to Nana’s.  I did what any normal mother does, I bribed him with pizza.  I headed out into the night with an empty stomach to shop for food. Bad idea! 

When you shop hungry you buy lots of fruit and treats. I bought a roast chicken, prepared sides and some veggies. I was so hungry. 

Squash, roast potatoes, roast chicken, beet salad, veggies and a bit of mashed potatoes.

That was one satisfying dinner. Especially since I knew I survived being hungry in a grocery store and didn’t fall in a cupcake. 

While at the grocery store I found this new pro biotic juice. It is whole 30 compliant so I’m excited  to have a little with breakfast.  

Well now I’m off to bed  because the exhaustion is setting in.


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