The Day of The Rest…of the laundry, dishes, and chores.

Just kidding! Well, I did put some dishes in the washer.  I barely did any other housework. I DID help out in the nursery at church, and I did grab a gift and some doughnuts for our “exchange niece student.” (If that’s a thing.) My Sister-in-law and her hubs have had this wonderful Brazilian girl, Sarah, living with them since September. She heads home Tuesday. We have loved having her be part of our lives. It has been such a treat to get to know her and learn about her. I got her some treats, (she loves Tim Horton’s and doughnuts. I know she’ll miss them both) some stuff to do on the plane and a teddy bear with a Canada jacket. After finding her gift I came home to cook us some supper to take to the going away party. When two GF people, three vegetarians, a Whole30-er and a very picky three year old get together, that’s a tall order for one cook.  We have learned to plan to bring our own food. After making dinner up we headed to the party. It was a really enjoyable time.
We have a thing with Boy#1 and family events. Even though he is the “social one” if he is tired, overstimulated or feeling like testing limits; it always comes out at family events. In the past we have reacted; and done so badly. Today we could here the emotions ramping up in the car on the way to the visit. These were some big emotions. When we got to the party we parked, and Hubs and I initiated some proactive conversation. We stated what we were going in to do: have a party. How we were going to behave: politely, kindly, respectfully, and lovingly. We then stated what would happen if there were problems: Dad will speak with you in private and after the party, at home, appropriate consequences or words will be given. Then we prayed.  This changed the entire dynamic! Our family time was fun, non confrontational, and our kids left without screaming or crying! It was wonderful. Be proactive, not reactive. A very tough motto to live in, but thanks to God we managed it today!

My food today was not the best. Breakfast was from McDonald’s. I know, how do you eat Whole30 at McDonald’s? Well, I tried. I ordered a “big breakfast” with bacon instead of sausage, lettuce and tomato added on the side and a black coffee. I then gave my Mcmuffin to my three year old and I did eat the hashbrown which I immediately regretted after tasting the oil: Xp. GROSS. Not the best option, but better than what I would have normally chosen. Lunch was a black coffee. Supper was chicken BLT’s (Like I made week one but with avocado for me), alongside an improvised veggie curry coconut soup. I also prepared a delicious Thai mango salad, a recipe I gathered and embellished from my other sister-in-law Stephanie a few years ago.  I had raspberries and blackberries for dessert as everyone else consumed doughnuts and icecream (I think I am developing a will of iron, I hope that stays!) After we got home I ate a…SNACK!! AAAAAAAAA!! I KNOW! I know I said no snacks, but man, I am a sucker. Three dates, two almonds. seven banana chunks, and some dried mango. Sugar city!!! Then an orange pineapple fruit tea. I now have cankers from too much fruit:( Bad Court!
Today marks one last full day of the Whole 30 ahead of me until I am complete! How crazy is this!! I need to find my balance to keep feeling well, eating well, and getting to my goal of being able to run a 5K and 10K by the end of the year. I also want to be down to a goal weight of 130 by next December.  I have to up my game if I hope to manage that! My wedding rings are still tight.
It is Sunday, and therefore; check in day. I know I posted two pics yesterday but I want to do the line up. Here it comes:

That was week one.

Week two, best skin!

Week three!Feeling sassy!

Beginning of week four.

End of week four, one day to go. Weigh in Tuesday.

Here is a better timeline:

My jeans fit better, I had the most energy today after a tough week, and I feel clear again. Double chin and puffy face are leaving. I have had NO heartburn, less headaches and minimal sinus pain in the last 28 days. I hope to get the sinus pain gone and maybe eradicate whatever is causing my skin to breakout on my sinus regions.
Tuesday I will post my weight and measurements. I hope to get my old measurements from the Summer which should be close to accurate.

For meal planning this week I have to admit I have slacked. I just wrote some down today.
B- eggs, bacon, spinach, avocado, kimchi
L- Use leftover roast chicken to make chicken salad lettuce wraps
S- Chimmichurri chicken drumsticks with cauliflower rice and cucumber salad

B- Pears, salmon, capers and avocado, maybe one slice of organic toast
L- Turkey wraps
S- Lamb tacos in lettuce

B- Protein shake
L- Soup
S- Usually mcDonalds, but low waste month means we need to figure this out. possibly low waste MCD’s for kids and Hubs and I will do salad and sammies

B- Eggs, kimchi, ham, tomato
L- Buddha bowl with quinoa
S- Stir fry with cauliflower rice and brown rice

B- Cereal
L- Soup
S- Curry

Notice how my meal plans have become less complex? Yes, the normal has set in. I get into highs of “Pinterest all meals!!!!” and then for a few weeks we hit “let’s eat out or make KD”.  Trying to make a better choice here with some simple healthy meals.  Pinterest fever may hit next week again. Next week’s grocery shop will prove interesting as I am going to be trying to go package-less! “Gasp!”

Any-who, it is again 1:04 in the morning as I wrap up my blog and I must bid you adieu and head to bed. February, being a daily challenge without as much meal tracking, hopefully means I can write my blogs midday or morning if I so desire. We shall see. Can I better this bad habit? I hope so!

Until Day 30


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