Day 30!!!!! VICTORY DANCE!!!!

Hey! I made it to midnight! It is now January 31st. Which means I have completed my second Whole30! Wow! You guys! You helped me do this! I am pretty pumped. I’m not going to lie, I plan on eating a chocolate soon, just one. All things in moderation. I also plan on having a slice of my mom’s lasagna that she froze for me. Not today, but soon, and in balance. I do NOT want to return to my heavily carb and dairy loaded diet with sugar on top. I want to continue on and loose weight, be strong and keep the clarity I have found.  I will do it with the odd glass of wine and occasional chocolate.
Tomorrow I will post my weight and measurements and what my first day after looks like in food. Oh! Guess what!? Today my blog had my highest views EVER!! My stats say that 439 of you viewed my little blog today! Holy CRAP! Man, that’s a lot of exclamation points huh? Well, I am excited.
Today was interesting. I had all these plans. Then I was dead tired by 10:30 and had a three year-old who did not wish to go anywhere. I had a nap! I know! At 11 a.m. I napped! Oops. I woke up at noon dizzy, shivery and with a sore throat. Yikes. I drank Kombucha, and had some of my Thai curry soup for lunch. The sore throat went away! Hooray! I made it to rehearsal tonight and I think I will be fine if I don’t jump on the sugar train.

Here is what I ate today: is DA BOMB! Devin told my friend Paul my exact usual order for almond milk latte. (Paul also knew this was probably my usual) I don’t think I can go back to my old latte now!
Tomorrow I will give you all the low down on my transformation and a before and after picture. I cannot wait to show you all! I am feeling good! My next goal is to get this wedding ring loose!

Before I leave you for the night I need to thank you all for your support, being my accountability partners, and reading this blog! I really could not have done this without you! I Hope you will join me next month as I work on our Zero Waste challenge!

Here are the challenges I have thought of so far:
– Zero Waste February
– Minimal March: Declutter and work through Marie Kondo’s “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”
–  Ascending April: meditate daily and focus on mindfulness, gratitude, daily exercise (focus on my running) and Bible reading.
– May I run. Run a five k and perhaps a ten!
– Jumping up June: grow my first garden, Hike at least one national park
– Journey July: visit one new place a day. Either in my own town, area or outside of my realm.
– August: financial freedom challenge (create and balance a budget, research life insurance, open a savings account and get a financial supervisor to help us get a plan)
– September: Cooking up Harry Potter magic. I will cook my way through the Harry Potter cookbook every day in September in preparation for the Transfigured Town festival in my home town! It’s gonna be GOOOD!

That’s all I have so far. If you have any more suggestions or ideas to make these challenges better, let me know! Thank you again guys! I really value your support and all of your thoughts!



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