The Day After You Finish Your Whole 30

Hey! Look who’s back! I’m not slumped over somewhere in a sugar coma! Success. I DID eat some Bulgar grain in my lunch and supper today, also two Lindor truffles… and some Pizza bites. Oops. Well, I’m feeling it now. No good. I just ate the truffles and I can feel them go straight to my head! Not nice. Finding my balance.
I went to my mom’s for a weigh in and measurements. She managed to get my previous measurements and weight from the gym she goes to: Goderich Fit Body, NV Fitness, I tried it back in August of this year. It was a great gym but not for me at this point in my life with small kids and low cash. My mom has had GREAT success there, losing over 30 pounds and gaining strength and mobility. They took my measurements when I joined up with a gift certificate from my MIL. My weight according to the scale at Fit Body was 186.6. My weight on January 1st according to my mom’s scale was 177. BF % in August was 35.7% I don’t have a way to know where that is now.
My measurements were:
Chest: 42 inches
Waist: 38 inches
Hips: 46 inches
Left thigh: 27.5
Left Arm: 13 inches

Today on my mom’s scale I weighed 171 pounds.
My measurements today:
Bust: 40.7
Waist: 35 1/4
Hips: 44
Left thigh: 26 1/4
Left arm:  11 3/4

Difference from August:
Weight: 15.6 different from August, 6 pounds from January 1st
Chest: 1.3 inches
Waist: 2 3/4 inches
Hips: 2 inches
Left thigh:1 inch
Left arm: 1 1/4 inches

Now to begin as I plan to continue again. Start out this new chapter well, and keep eating mostly paleo. Our new challenge will be helpful this month, as whole foods have less packaging and eating out is difficult to do without added waste.
Day one on the blog post I read about going zero waste over 30 days was use a reusable water bottle. We do so most of the time but must remember to bring them with us at all times. That’s my goal for February first! 30 days to Zero Waste is my inspiration. A Zero waste kit like this one, is a good idea. I may go looking for some of these items.
Through this month I will be trying out using a bidet and family cloth, composting more, maybe a worm bin, shopping in bulk with homemade bags and glass containers. We will be attempting to make our own beeswax wraps and maybe a Bokashi bin. Find out about Bokashi bins Here.

Before I sign off here is what I ate today:

I think I shall continue to post what I eat at the end of each post to maintain a bit of accountability. I also want to strive for thirty minutes of exercise a day.That’s the goal, also low waste because If I walk somewhere instead of drive I am cutting down emissions.
Well, that’s all for today! I will see you tomorrow on the Zero waste side!



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