Welcome February! Shadows and all. Begin as I plan to continue I said. HA! I bought Tim Horton’s AND MacDonald’s today. Boo. Too much waste. I was wrong about the days; Day 1 is fabric bags, Day 2 is glass or metal water bottles and Day 3 is reduce Fast food. How do you tell a three year old he can’t have nuggets? I am going to need strength for that one!
Zero waste is definitely a journey, not necessarily a destination. Removing what waste you can, and pushing yourself a little harder to be mindful of what you are buying, using, eating and throwing away. REDUCE, then REUSE, LAST recycle. I am learning. It’s very similar to the Whole 30: changing bad habits and adapting new better ones. I joined a Zero Waste Facebook group in January after my MIL invited myself and my SIL. There is a lot of support and some great convos on there about switching to Zero Waste. I’ve learned more about family cloth (cloth toilet paper), composting, baking soda, oil, how vegan diets are considered the most Zero waste friendly, and how omnivores hate that Vegans think that. I jest, but only mostly.
Over my years of Pinterest-ing I’ve read many little Zero Waste and DIY tips. I have tried making my own toothpaste, I did a year of No-Poo, I have washed my face with only oil and honey, cleaned with my own home made orange oil and baking soda. I have tried a lot of dofferent little steps. I have never shopped for packageless options mindfully. I want to make more bags and get some square glass containers to use. I will continue using my current plastic rubbermaids for certain things but want to move up to glass when the plastic is getting worn.
I just found out today that the Bulk Barn her in Canada is now offering a new reusable container policy, which used to only be in select stores, all over Canada! I’m so excited! Read more Here.

I’m going to be focusing on shopping for produce locally, at my farmer’s market, or producer direct when possible. Some of my local options are:

Goderich Makers Market
 – this once a month pop up market offers an option for farmer’s market produce or canned goods in the Winter months along with handmade crafts and beauty products. In the Summer they operate weekly in conjunction with our Saturday Farmer’s Market.
Maitland Market and Supply – is a year round market just outside of my town. They offer local produce year round and are open during the week all year. Many of there offerings are 100 mile friendly and some are organic!
Zehrs Market Goderich – My local grocery store. I have spoken with various employees and have been told that they will try to accommodate my reusable containers. This will be my last stop for everything I can’t find. This grocer is amazing and they are always offering smiles and tip-top service.
Shanahan’s Quality Meats –  my local butcher shop. They have also said they can accommodate my need for reusable containers. And they have pretty awesome options for locally raised meat.They also carry my favourite local organic produce from…
Firmly Rooted Farm – I met this amazing couple five years ago at our local farmer’s market. They live in a tiny home and farm completely organic produce. They make me happy. They also grow the best sprouts.
Whitefield Farm –  is another wonderful local farm run by some beautiful people. They make fantastic jams, grow beautiful watermelons, and I bought some STELLAR kefir grains from them once.
Healthward Bound – My local health food store with a great bulk section. They allow reusable containers also.
Coastal Coffee – Our local coffee roaster. They have said if I meet them at the Makers market they will fill my fabric bag with coffee beans! They are amazingly delicious!

We are so blessed to have so many options in a small town in Ontario. I am very excited. I need to find a bidet, make drawstring bags, and family cloth, reusable makeup pads, and toothpaste. My friend MJ makes my deodorant, which is amazing and the only natural kind that works. It also comes in a glass jar.

Today was a fail. I have cloth shopping bags but want to make some more. Keep you posted!

Food update! Today I went a bit more into the normal realm. I took berries, a banana, some summer sausage, and veg to the Bible study I attend for my breakfast. Had a black coffee and water.

Not a bad day. No more sugary drinks for me!!! It is now 1:08 a.m. and I need to sleep! PD day tomorrow!

Cheers lovelies!


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