Weary Bones, Winter Winds, Wild Weekend Ahead

I am weary. Bone weary. Weary down to my soul. I ate Chinese last night, ugh. And a hot dog tonight. Ugh. 

You know when you are tired, tired of mess, tired of work,  tired of people, tired of life; but you still want to go to all the things and be all the places. I am exhausted of being exhausted and of wanting to do all the things.  My house is disgusting,  my kids don’t have oats ad my Christmas decorations are still upstairs and may be hanging on my window. My floor has not been mopped since before Christmas.  Hubs is in crisis mode and I’m trying to not be a mess. I’m just tired and don’t want to do anything by the end of the day. I stuff clients into my day around swimming, gymnastics,  volunteering, because I love my clients and I love cutting hair, also so  we can buy groceries and gas and such. I just need a kick in the pants!  Lol

 Today I got my first order of milk and cream in jars!  It’s awesome.  Tastes amazing, and I just switch the jars each week, so no waste! I am working on bringing our own containers everywhere.  Tomorrow I will be trying out bringing my own containers to the maker’s market for coffee and produce.  We’ll see!

After eating crapp last night ad waking up with the sweats I ate healthy this morning: black coffee, fermented carrot and turnip, scrambled eggs and organic toast.  Then I went to cait’s for an almond milk mocha and I ate half a croissant.  Lunch:


Supper was a hot dog and dried fruit with some apple cider. We went to our winterfest opening night:

Had so much fun! Goderich Icetacular is something we looked forward to all year. There’s maple toffee, an ice luge,  hockey, free food and lots of ice sculptures! Tomorrow will be busy!

 When we got home I made vegetable soup to warm up and get veggies in me.

This was yummy and a small bit of wonderful. 

Now I head to bed. Hopefully to find something kind in the morning light.


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