The Day After The Melt Down

What do you do after you have basically emoted yourself into a puddle? After you have posted a pretty horrible, complaining, raw post that exposed a pretty insecure, whiney part of you? Well, you sleep in, go shopping, hang with your kid and come home to a husband folding laundry wondering why the Hell you wrote about being super overwhelmed and then posted a blog about being a neat freak living with slobs right after. Then you both have a bit of a breakdown admitting you are both crazy overwhelmed and trying to figure out how to make everything work. Then you work it out and model to your kids what reconciliation looks like and apologize to them and each other. You finish folding laundry, eat soup, bundle up your screaming three year old and head back out to Winterfest.
Here we are. We survived. The sun lifted our spirits and the snow was bright and beautiful. The introverted haters of outside: namely the Hubs and Boy #2, left to go back home after  procuring for the youngest hater of the outdoors some rainbow popcorn. Boy#1 and I stayed a bit longer and enjoyed all the fun of Icetacular. We planned to meet friends at the fireworks for seven. It was a beautiful end to a successful day.

I’m finding my way through the zero waste idea of living. It takes so much mindfulness and forethought! This morning I was excited to go to the Maker’s Market and see what I could find with zero or little packaging. I was able to get locally roasted coffee from Coastal Coffee, put directly in my own mason jar, bread in a paper bag from Gabrielle Bread, fermented carrots from Truly Local, apple cider vinegar from Meeting Place Organic Farm(the lovely woman selling it also sells pepperetts and said she’d check into how to get them in less packaging!) beeswax for making wraps and beeswax candles from Ireland Honey, spinach and beets from Firmly rooted farm, carrots, sweet potatoes, and apples from Hillsview Farm which she put directly in my cloth bag for me. I also found dryer balls (woolen balls for taking static out of your clothes and adding eo’s to your dryer load) from  Dana Lumby, wool chair leg covers, a grounding body spray from Bee Balanced, and I sourced yogurt and honey in jars from my dear friend Bill of  Whale Cove Farm. Upstairs I found Naomi’s Body Essentials and natural facial cream, toothpaste, soap and Laundry Soap all in either glass of refillable containers, the soap she gave me in her packageless option! Just around the corner (you’ll get this in a second) I found the guys from Square Brew (you get it now,..Square…corner…hahaha, I’m the queen of Dad jokes!) I found out from them that they will have a mug club program at their new brewery! You go in and they have your mug waiting for you to drink from! How awesome and zero waste is that! I bought a hat;) Can’t wait to get my mug!

I am feeling pretty awesome about my finds today! Today is Day 4 of the Zero waste challenge and on the blog I’m following it says “Ditch the paper towels”. I have gathered some rags, now to find a nice place to have them handy. So excited to see what ideas I can come up with. If you have any please comment!

Now for some usual business.  I made up my meal plan for the week:

B – Bacon and Eggs
L – Soup
S – Stir fry

B – Banana Pancakes
L – Soup and grilled cheese
S – Chicken nuggets and veggies

B – Cereal
L – Leftovers and Fish tacos
S – Grilled Cheese, Fish tacos and salad

B – Scrambled eggs and toast
L – Soup
S – Sweet Love eats, McDonald’s

B – Cereal
L – Wraps
S – Spaghetti for boys, out for me

B – Egg cups
L – Nachos
S – Family retreat pot luck


Today I ate:

And some snacks. Dairy overload!! Heartburn has returned! Need to back off I think.  Then I ate some candy…but I walked a lot today. The candy WAS NOT worth it!

Tomorrow is check in day for pics, and I don’t know, we’ll see if they look any better or worse!



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