A Nod To The Odd

Monday. Monday. Monday. Odd #1:  Mouse Monday. My house is apparently FULL of mice!  I’ve been finding mouse droppings around for a while, finally bought mouse traps yesterday and caught a mouse last night. Have reset the trap seven times!!   I feel so bad for them but I can’t have my kids catching some mouse bearing disease. I dreamt last night that the mice ate through Boy#1’s mattress and lived in it. GAH!
Odd #2: I’ve been feeling off for the last month and especially in the last week. Almost everyone I’ve spoken with is feeling similar. I just read my horoscope (Shut it Paul! I know, I know, it’s all bollocks) and the site I read said this for my sign: http://astrologyclub.org/horoscope-2017/cancer-horoscope/   Appropriately vague, as well as a bit of what I feel.
Odd #3: Watching Santa Clarita Diet. SUPER fabulous and I love Drew Barrymore even more now! This is my kind of Zombie show!
Odd #4: I am in a play. The Odd couple. Rehearsals yesterday and today. This is a wonderfully odd bunch of people I like a lot! #oddbroads is my new fave hashtag! March is showtime!

Yesterday I missed blogging because I cleaned and went to bed. Today is cleaning catch up day and I felt better after doing more laundry and getting all the dishes done. I wanted to get some baking done but I visited with the wonderful Elizabeth and her sweet girls and that was way more fun. We had banana egg pancakes for breakfast and they were yummy. Boy#2 had a doughnut. My friend Ryan came over during breakfast and brought coffee. He is my favourite. Also Boy#1’s because he brings Tim Bits. We had some great visits today.
Also my new niece was born today!! She is adorable! Can’t wait to meet her!

On to my Zero wast challenge: Yesterday was day 5 – bring your own coffee cup. I have three here, but I forget to bring them in the car. Yesterday I went through Timmy’s and bought another mug. Now I am keeping two in the car and two in the house. We’ll see. I’ve also been composting any paper coffee cups that make their way home.
Today would be day 6: have reusable produce bags. I went produce shopping yesterday and have lost almost all of my mesh baggies. When we got home I cut the veg up and put it in these plastic tupperware bins meant for keeping veg fresh. Next time I may take them with me and see if they will let me use them. I had all my meat wrapped in butcher paper instead of plastic and bought it all from the counter including the bacon.  I need to figure out how to get mushrooms and grapes without packaging! It is hard to relearn how to shop.
Hubs and I are checking out bidets and I am making family cloth. I also have cloth to make bags for produce and drawstring breadbags. Now I need to find time to make them! I also want to make face wipes and reusable toner pads.  I’m trying to get a sewing area set up in our living room. We shall see!

I am trying to stick to a healthier lifestyle, but I am eating sugar again, and rice. It’s not making me feel well. I am also still having bad heartburn.  I walked for over an hour yesterday and ran this afternoon. Just have to control my eating.

Anyhow, heading to bed! Goodnight



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2 thoughts on “A Nod To The Odd

  1. I won’t shut it…but only to say…good work on the run!

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