Baby Steps, Fish Tacos And Fear

Nothing to fear but fear itself…and cheese, well, dairy.  I love cheese, I just cannot digest it and the heartburn is totally back. Methinks I need to give up dairy, wheat and refined sugar again. Lent begins March 1st. Maybe I can do it full on for Lent. Well. I should.

Zero waste is going not bad, I remembered to bring my reusable coffee travel mug today and got bread and lunch meat at our local butcher with limited waste. Mindfullness is clicking in.

Breakfast today was cereal, (Ug, made my heartburn roar.)  Hung out with my lovely ladies this morning for tea and chats, wonderful to be able to talk faith, marriage and kids with no judgement. Then smoothy and left over stir fry for lunch with black coffee.
Dinner was grilled cheese for hubs and Boy#2 and salmon tacos for myself and Boy#1.  A really yummy recipe that would not be difficult to paleo-ize.  I used lettuce for two and a tortilla for one. The corn was good but I think I would not at a whole cob again, the sprinkle on top would be enough.

These were super yummy and did not take too much effort to make, plus the only ingredients I did not already have were the salmon and the wraps. I now have leftovers for lunches!!

I’ve been working on my exercise and being more consistent. Sunday I walked for almost two hours, Monday I did a quick run and tonight I walked for about 20 minutes. I’m also trying to do about 50 squats every night. Baby steps.  The fear niggling in my mind now is that I actually will not do this. I will keep making excuses and not following through. It’s not a good fear. I have to promise myself that I’ll feel better if I choose greens the next meal instead of carbs, walking instead of driving, and water instead of sugar. Still retraining my brain!!
Last night I only got 5 hours and 21 minutes of sleep according to my fit bit so I am adios amigos and off to bed! Waking up at 7 means I need to be in bed at 11, and it’s 12:10. Baby steps.

What are your baby steps this week?



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