This is most likely my shortest post ever. It’s 12:34 as I write this. What a day! A very wonderful day!  I had a fantastic time hanging with two very good friends this morning (shout out to you both, you know who you are!) Boy#2 was having a blast. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at Cait’s, followed by an afternoon of baking. 

This evening I went out with most of my “Theatre Girls”(sans Kate and Olive) to have some dinner and take in the new play at the Livery: “Art”.  We had a fabulous time, as we usually do.

Three of our good friends were performing the play and our good friend Kate produced it and was a part of the talented jazz band. Her mother Sharon also lent her talent. The night was beautiful.

The play was absolutely entrancing and engaging. I loved the imagery layed out about friendship, conflict, deep seated misconception, and conflict resolution. I found myself identifying with each of the three characters. It spoke to me where I’m at. Well done cast and crew. This was a very moving piece of “Art”!

I love these times out with my friends. Thank you Wicked Willy’s, Jordan, Brenda, GLT, cast and crew of Art, and my dear Theatre Girls for a wonderfulerful night.

I came home after the play to two sweet sleeping boys.

Hubs is a pretty cool dad and let them camp out on the futon since mommy was gone. I feel so blessed. Hubs is so great. He made pizza, took the cookies out and cleaned up. I love coming home to that.

I totally blew healthy eating today. Breakfast was crispex and cucumber with a turkey slice and a banana. Lunch was a croissant sandwich and lemon tart (vegan). And supper was a shrimp platter followed by dessert and accompanied by two glasses of beer, followed by two more. Oops. Also no run. I am due!

Today’s challenge is reusable containers. I am doing it with milk, yogurt, honey and laundry soap. I need to try and see what else I can do it with!

Today I was given some flattering compliments on the blog and my challenges. Thank you all. I really appreciate your loyal support. Feeling the love. Much love back!



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