Run Forest RUN!!!

News flash: daily blogging has gone by the wayside for me this month! Oh, you noticed? I am in crunch time mode. Crunch time for play rehearsal (Come see The Odd Couple at the Livery in Goderich March 23, 24, 25, 26, 30, 31 and April 1), busy time working, trying to get life working. I just feel crunched. I also feel fluffy. Fluffy hair, fluffy tummy, fluffy brain. In short, I’m some form of marshmallowy s’more-like person right now.
Tonight was our first full run through for the play. It was awesome, invigorating, and exciting. I also felt pretty fluffy. My lines need tightening up, my blocking needed tightened, and my body needs toned a LOT. Man, I felt like a blob slugging around the stage. I then ate popcorn,.. I know.  When I got home all I wanted to do was eat. I put on my shoes and went for a run instead. I haven’t run in over a month. It was glorious. I didn’t run straight through, I only got 3.5 k, but I felt good.
I hope I can keep up my running and be more disciplined in my eating and sleeping habits this week.  I also want to work on finishing the zero waste month with a big push. The bidet comes home tomorrow, I need to finish the family cloth and make my first trip to bulk barn with my own containers. Then next month I’m doing a 31 days of less challenge (Minimalist March) hoping to focus on downsizing a different place in my home each day. I am also going to do a Whole30 inspired Lent. Beginning on Ash Wednesday I will be giving up refined sugar, grains, dairy, corn, legumes and peanuts until Easter Sunday. It’s pretty ambitious, but I feel I need to push myself further. I need to be more intentional in learning and practicing self discipline. I can do this!
I was just on Pinterest today and saw an art challenge for March. It is just to focus on something new every day to do a small study on. It looks neat. I think I will be too busy, but I’d love to attempt it if I can. I am going to bring March in like a Lion and see it out as one.
Tonight I sleep after I fold laundry. Tomorrow I work on last minute clients and those I could not stuff into my normal times, then I hope to have the rest of the day to work on things and hang with the boys. Saturday I also work a bit. This is what I call the heavy week. Hairdressing seems to fall into patterns like this, a few light weeks, a few normal weeks, then a really busy week. This is the busy, cram everyone in week.
Tomorrow if I make it to the blog you will probably read of how very sore my calves are! Now, dear hearts, I am to bed. Good night.



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