What I’ve learned form Zero Waste February

Well that went fast!! I can’t believe the month is already over! Here is my post to tell you what I’ve learned, how I’ve followed the challenge and what effect it has had on our family. Yesterday we went to London to purchase what I needed for hair colour and product and, of course, to go to Bulk Barn with my own containers.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned this month:
1. Mindfullness. Always be mindful of what you are buying, and be purposeful in bringing your own containers and bags. It is very hard to always be mindful. This week i went to the grocery store and completely blanked about asking the deli to wrap my meat in paper instead of plastic. I also suck at remembering not to eat out until we’ve already ordered at drive thru.
2. I need more time to make my zero waste tools, drawstring bags, family cloth, reusable cloth face wipes. I did not set aside enough time to make them.
3. I freaking LOVE my new bidet. Hello clean! It’s freezing cold, but that can be good and refreshing. It was very quick to install, Hubs had it on the toilet in under fifteen minutes, and it is easy to work. Seriously, consider it. It saves on toilet paper and feels much cleaner.
4.  Providing your own containers takes purpose and thought, but as long as you advocate for yourself and speak to people, the containers are pretty easy to utilize. As long as I told people what I was doing and why, they were pretty open to helping me.
5. Local food and products are source-able and easier to find than you may think. By asking the correct questions to the right people and looking around every corner, I found some pretty incredible things.
6. Kids are intrigued by zero-waste practices. My boys wanted to be involved and Boy#1 even reminded me when I was not being Zero-waste minded or following the rules. He helped me fill jars and think of how to reuse packaging.
7. I can reduce our family waste even more by continuing to inform myself and by being mindful.
8. I have so much more to learn, and this challenge is going to continue to teach me. The challenge for this month may be over, but the journey has just begun.

This was a great challenge to open up my world a bit, to create a new intelligence about waste in myself, and to bring our family towards a more cohesive plan of attack on our consumer practices. I am excited to continue implementing zero waste practices in our home and learning more. Especially bringing my own containers to Bulk Barn!

On to the next!! This month is what I’m calling “Minimalist March”. It is also the beginning of Lent. There is an online challenge called “40 bags in 40 days”. It is a suggestion to do this for Lent instead of giving up chocolate or sweets. I think I will accept this challenge along with giving up alcohol, chocolate and sweets for lent. I am also going to cut out processed foods and go as close to a whole 30 as I can, but I want to keep some whole grains. Tomorrow I begin a full week of a strict trial diet that I found on Pinterest. It seems similar to a Whle30 in some things, but not entirely. I want to attempt it anyway. No eating after six, lot’s of water.

Here are some of the minimalist articles I’ve been perusing:
Minimalism for Beginners
  Why Mothers need minimalism
30 day decluttering challenge
12 rules of decluttering

There’s where I start. Tomorrow I clear out a bag, start my diet, and begin the “Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up”.

Goodnight lovelies!




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