Day one. In like a lion?

Minimalist March. Day one is on. It is very difficult!  I am very bad at giving things away.

I finally let go of this doll my great aunt left for me. She has gathered dust and not brought me much joy.

I decided to keep this tea cloth and napkins from my Grandmother’s linen chest. I assume they were a wedding gift that she never used. They were still in plastic. I will be using them.

Before. This shelf stands in our living room beside my sewing machine and is kind of mine. It holds my special things and books.

Give away box so far. Mostly sorted my pictures. So there is a nice bag full of the ones I’m not keeping.

After. A bit more shelf space. Not a tonne, but more than there was. I accomplished something small. Hooray!
Eating today was difficult. But I managed to mostly stick to the diet. 

Breakfast was an apple, banana and orange after cold water with lime.

Lunch was a steak with fermented carrot and cooked green beans.

Snack was a cous cous salad and small croissant. Not on the diet. Bad!

Supper was hummus, a piece of cheese, veggies and a few small pieces of fruit before I remembered, no fruit after breakfast!. 

After dinner I drank tea only. I did eat a piece of dark chocolate, I forgot. It was just the first bite then I remembered and put it away.

 Lent. Day one down! Let’s see how I do tomorrow!



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