Day two, bag two

Well, look at that, two blog posts in a row again! Welcome to day two! I’ve already managed to eat chocolate and have a drink of alcohol. Oops. I suck at this part right now. When I’m in a play I like to have a drink after rehearsal, I drank a Caesar tonight. Boo.  I’m still going to attempt sticking with my plan, and also stick with the 40 bag challenge!
Today I was home with Boy#2. I still work a bit on these days but try not to take over our whole day with work. I played some Nintendo (Switch release day today by the way!! Wahoo! Hubs and Boy#1 are getting up at 5!) Boy#2 LOVES Mario, he is obsessed. We HAVE to play Mario together at least three times or it is not a good day. He beats me EVERY time. I also worked on sorting some of our clothes and cleaning the kitchen.
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up says to take out all your clothes out and sit in them, then go through them and ask if they bring joy. Here is what this looks like for me for just our winter clothes and not our dress clothes.

That is a lot of clothes!! This is why I need to start with the LCMOTU. I got through three categories: underwear, boy’s pant and pajamas. I still have seven more. I am leaving Hub’s clothes for him. I can’t decide what brings him joy for him.

I filled four grocery bags and a large box. Lots of clothes for my little nephews. Today I was also given some clothes for me. A beautiful sweater, coats and snow pants. All things I need. I’m so blessed to receive these. Thank you to my dear friend who has always made an effort to keep me warm, in many ways. She warms me still. Like a long hug.

Boy#2 buttoning a very special sweater. My hug sweater

I am ready to cleanse. Just need to stop loving food and stuff so much!!
Tomorrow I work on finishing clothing sorting. What do you find most difficult to part with in your life?




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