No Blogs=Progress

Im back. Back again. Court is back. Tell a friend. 

I know. I am so nineties.  Oh well. I haven’t blogged in days!! I have been purging! That’s a good reason. I got these new laundry hampers and am moving my old laundry system out of here. That cleared up a lot of space in our laundry room/entryway. We also received a new kitchen cupboard and so I purged some old containers.

I have a confession. I have an addiction. An addiction to tea and spices. So I sorted my spices and have at least fifty. I have over seventy-five teas!! GAH!!

I thought these were all my spices…

Nope. These are all of them.

Pantry before. I apparently don’t have an after yet. Still sorting.

Paired down kitchen table and my windowsills  without junk all over them

My Baker’s rack being a Baker’s rack! It was formerly the coffee center

New coffee and tea center! Thank you Elizabeth and Gary! It also holds my Tupperware now.

Much tidier top of fridge.

This is what was on top of the fridge. Hypocrite of zero waste I am! I couldn’t believe it

I should not need plastic forks ever again

My beautiful tidy windows.
It’s been a very busy time here but a good one. I will post laundry room picture soon when done. I have disposed of three bags of garbage, four bins of recycling and three big boxes of give away. Also the laundry sorting system has been sent packing.

Goodbye giant thing.

I am feeling good! Also I lost three more pounds and six more inches!! Hooray!! I also find I’m feelingto ng tired earlier and trying to get to bed before midnight, hence the lack of posts. I will leave you with a few photos from my life.the last few days and then I’m off to sleep. Goodnight dear ones!

New haircut Friday!

My favourite abandoned building on my way home from my hairstylist’s. 

Lunch! Milk, steak and veg. Plain yogurt.

Boy#2 must have been tired. He curled right in and fell fast asleep Friday afternoon.

Found my Colleen picture while scrapbooking this weekend!

Theme was seussville crop! Much fun! Thank you Donna!

Found some appropriate brads!

Lunch Monday. Pork chop and beet salad

Big breakfast Sunday. Mine…

And boy#2’s 


Dinner Sunday


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