March Break: Day 1

March Break. A brief time of freedom for our little scholars, and a time I try to take to enjoy my kiddos and spend some fun times together. Our first day of freedom was wonderful. We slept in, hung out, did some running around, went to our local library for creative time and watched Moana for the sixth time. It was actually a very fun day.

Over the weekend I got quite a bit of purging done and dropped four bags off at goodwill as well as the old laundry system and four full baskets to my sister in law, a bag of clothes off to my other sister in law, a bag to a friend and a bunch of recycling out the door. Unfortunately I now have a very large pile of dishes I have been ignoring in favour of sorting and purging. Also I have brought one bag back in from goodwill containing jars and hats. Ooops!
After the boys went off to spend a night of fun with their Nana I set to work sorting the pantry/craft closet/swimming stuff closet.

I was able to sort through all the craft items. I discarded a bag of garbage and a bag of give a way stuff. I managed to fit everything into a small tote and am keeping it downstairs as we use it very rarely, but often enough I want to hang onto it. Tomorrow I will tackle the baking items.
Today it was so nice to just focus on my kids, my home and my family. I feel that does not happen often enough.
This evening I went to a little home group Bible study at my friend’s house. It was so nice. The new study we are beginning looks very good. The first video was about the beatitudes and focusing in on our time with the “Instructor”. Taking our first moments, and other moments of our day to really zone in on Him and reconnect. This is hard for me. It’s good to be reminded.

Finally, I leave you with what I found when I walked in my door this evening, a little reminder from my sons that even when they are away they are present:
Hmm, a handle, looks like a holster to me. Yup. Definitely a holster.

Here’s to all the March Break parents out there. Solidarity! Have fun, let loose, and know that losing your temper will happen, model that positive repair after it!! We’ve got this!


In Solidarity


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