Goodbye March Break

I have a love hate relationship with March Break. I LOVE spending time with my kiddos, I love planning and attending fun events and activities with them, loved having lazy mornings and family time. I also hated the extra mess, the unscheduled things, and the fighting. With the good you must take the not so good. IT was seriously a wonderful week. I purged nothing. I will need a super purge this week. I brought in a bag of clothing for boy#2. He is loving pink and sparkles right now, my cousin offered him a bag of her daughter’s clothing. He was so excited! He looked through it all and loved every piece. Especially a pink sweater dress with a sparkly tutu.

Here he is in his pink tutu dress, sitting with my friend Gys. He said to him “What’s your name? Can I sit on your lap?” Lol, playing video games with my clients seems to be his new thing!

After a wonderful week of fun with my boys and friends it is back to reality Monday. On Thursday we open our play at the Livery and my life will be chaotic for the next while. I hope to be able to stick with my 40 bags challenge and stay on track. I am also hoping to keep eating well even with my hectic schedule. The toy room NEEDS to be purged. I need to find a way to rid ourselves of some furniture and more things. It’s very difficult when I am naturally a bit of a crow: finding and keeping shiny things that catch my fancy and never wanting to let them go. The problem is that the shiny things make me happy but also crowd out air and life. We will figure it all out. Find the things that truly bring us joy.

Well I am exhausted. I need to head to bed and get some rest for helping to lead a cooking class tomorrow, working and getting back to normal.



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