Priorities and making choices

Oh Hello!
I’ve been a very lazy blogger. I am so sorry. Mostly for me. Just kidding. I have now started two blog posts and never finished. They keep popping up in my drafts folder going “Finish meeeeeee!!” Well, I’m not listening to them. I am starting afresh.

My priorities have not been blogging and house cleaning these past weeks. They have been acting and drinking with actors. May I add: the Whole 30 lifestyle has gone completely out the window. When I’m not out with my theatre peeps, I am focusing on my kids, and the Hubs who feel a bit neglected.  Poor blog is also very neglected.

Today was a wonderful break from being places. Boy#2 and I hung at home and visited a friend, and hung at home and made tortierre, butter, and crockpot veggie curry. Tomorrow I hope to tackle the laundry monster in my bedroom.

While I was preoccupied and priority compromised, I had several topics pop up in my brain that I wanted to write about. Mostly pertaining to equality, inclusion, grieving loss, celebrating life, performing on the grandest stage, and being mom and friend and professional all at once.

Let’s start with equality and inclusion. Last week our town council made a decision against a rainbow crosswalk in our downtown centre. It was a very controversial decision, it was not a decision made lightly by most. It was not a decision I was on board with. I, personally, was on the side of the crosswalk to promote inclusion and a feeling of community acceptance for our LGBTQ community and all humans who may feel on the outside. Talking with others who voted against the crosswalk, or who agreed with the decision to vote against it, has brought up some interesting thoughts and a few heated words.  Now that the dust has settled and I’ve had time to think about how this has ended, I feel it may actually work out better. Now people have thought about it. We as a community have recognized the need for inclusion, for speaking out and showing our rainbow. people have been chalking rainbows, wearing them and posting them. The town is going to be flying the PRIDE flag and, I’ve been told, banners will also be hung. I am hoping to see our community rally for inclusion for all demographics and special interest groups, that we can become a safer place to be who you are. Chalk a rainbow, fly a flag, wear a skirt, or pants or whatever you feel like you in.  In an ideal life I’d love to see this idea that my friend had come to life. She thought that the town may find a way to allow each special interest group to “Adopt a Crosswalk” and maintain it all Summer to promote inclusion and mindfulness. They would pay to maintain and clean it, then to clear it off for Winter. Then we could have rainbow crosswalks, Autism awareness puzzle pieces, poppies for veterans, ribbons for cancer, maybe something for refugees and religious groups supporting love and inclusion. Another friend suggested that as the crosswalks get looked after the ones crossing from the outside to the inside of the Square could be moved to the other side of the street. It would allow traffic coming onto the square to turn right while the traffic is stopped for pedestrians.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been almost run over trying to cross at those crosswalks. These are all great thoughts, and this is when I see why what seems to be a negative decision can birth great things.  If you were for an inclusion based symbol being painted into our town, think about what you can do to be more inclusive and support the spirit here.  If you were against such a symbol, please think about how to show love through adversity and be inclusive in the ways that make our community better.

My three year old son loves pink, skirts, Dora, Minnie mouse, Mario, choo choo trains and kicking a ball.  Last week we were at the school for popcorn day. It’s a day he looks forward to every month. Spending time with our friends, making popcorn, and visiting the school he will be attending in the fall, are some of his favourite things.  Last week he wore butterfly leggings and a blue sparkly shirt to the school. He was asked twice by girls why he was wearing girl clothes. Not a single boy who watched him play on his DS or asked him what his name was, pointed out his clothing choice. The girls did. They were not being mean, they were not trying to make him feel bad, they were just pointing out a discrepancy in normal. What did bother me was my little, innocent three year old being taunted a bit and called a “GOY” by a child the same age as my older son. Again, she did not mean to be bullying, or intentionally degrading to my little guy, but she was not quiet in pointing out his difference loudly and with some joy at her discovery.  This may have something to do with why I am a loud advocate for inclusion and informing, breaking gender barriers and not tying people into a label because it comforts our need for lines and names.  I asked this young lady if she would like to be called a goy. She said no. I contacted her mother, who was lovely and understanding and said they’d have a chat about inclusion. I was so happy to have such a nice response. My initial intent was only to let her know what I had said to her child so she would know how the interaction went. To receive such an open and kind response was wonderful. I hope Boy#2 can find this open mindedness and kindness as he begins his schooling. It terrifies me what he could be facing.

Last week was also World Down Syndrome Awareness day. A day to celebrate beautiful people and families. A day to wear awesome socks and embrace the beautiful. I watched the videos and commented on the photos and smiled at the beautiful children and adults living lives full, informing the less informed about what Down Syndrome means. I love days like that. I also feel like a hyprocrite sometimes. Wearing the socks and sharing the videos and not really advocating in any true form. Am I just doing all this for the likes? For the social media kudos? Or do I really mean it? That’s where I’m left with most of these things.

Last week I received a beautiful gift. It arrived for my children from a friend of Colleen’s.  Theresa gave my address to Henriette, who has read my blog and thought my boys may benefit from her book, and she sent them a book each. A book about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and the caterpillars she leaves behind. I cried and read the books to them. They loved them. They hugged them, and we spoke about Colleen and how she has flown higher than we know.  I feel her all around me still. I know she was clapping for us on the stagethe other night.

Those are my thoughts. There are many more, but that’s what you get. pictures to follow, maybe tomorrow if I make time;)



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2 thoughts on “Priorities and making choices

  1. Lovely and thoughtful as always…what is the title of the book?

    1. Hi Angela! The book is called Henry and Harriet. By Her.C. MacArthur illustrated by Anna Koot

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