Try to Find a Coffee Table

How to buy a coffee table 101:
1. Locate thrift shops that sell furniture
2. Run around to all said shops on a Friday afternoon, finding two closed
3. Find nothing
4. Try try again
5. Head back to stores to double check
6. Visit shops closed previously
7. Find many tables that are older and ugly for over $20 a piece
8. Post complaining, whiny post on Facebook
9. Re-check facebook for every notification ding to relish in other people’s disgruntled agreement.
10. Visit thrift store without furniture, but with %50 off.
11. Purchase suitcase, stool, tray and bag for under $20
12. Resolve to create table
13. Visit Walmart.
14. Find small storage basket table on sale.
15. Purchase for under $20
16. Feel accomplished

Why on earth is it so hard to buy second hand furniture ad thrift shops!!? I could not believe how expensive this beat up, ugly furniture was. These items are given to these stores for free to bring money to charity. I like to buy second hand furniture to keep it out of landfills, find something interesting, and to be less wasteful and more creative. I also like to not spend hundreds of dollars. I look in the humble places. I cannot get over how high they are now pricing very common, and unassuming items. Those two tiered coffee tables we all had in our homes as small children are filling up these shops and being sold for $15 to $25! I almost screamed. There was a stained, ugly, ripped lazy boy they were selling for $50!
I left the shops today and vowed to open up a thrift shop where we just bring in everything and sell it all for super cheap unless there is inherent true value. I would just sell sell sell. Gah!! Maddening.

Rant over!

We had a quick Italian run of our lines this evening for the Odd Couple tonight. It was fabulous. I am excited to get back into it Thursday. What a cast. We have such a good time.

Now I’m going to post a bunch of photos and catch you up on things.

Food has not been at the top of the priority list lately, but these last few days I have spent some time making good food. So nice to be able to do that! I also made butter and roasted a chicken and potatoes last night. Yummy!

Theatre life is so fun. Crazy, hectic, tiring, but absolutely fun! I love my Odd Broads!!

Here the boys are recreating their reaction to receiving the book so I could send the pic to the author. Thank you Ms. MacArthur and Theresa!! Mail is very exciting, especially when it contained these gorgeous books.


Leaving you with this pic of my very picky eater enjoying a spring roll after a very long visit to our new sushi place. A miracle!!

Tomorrow I continue on my quest of vanquishing the laundry monster as well as figuring out my new tables and rearranging and discarding things in my livingroom. I’m very excited to get this going! I dropped two big bags off at goodwill today, more to come!




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