Friendship is More Important than Capons Olibia!

Well Hello April! You came in nice and warm! What a lovely day. I spent most of this beautiful day helping to take down our set for “The Odd Couple (the Female Version)” and cleaning the Livery. What a fun play this was to perform and prepare for. Thank you to my castmates, crew, and director. This was an absolutely fabulous experience!  If you didn’t make it to see our play, I’ll let you know that it is a play about friends, hormones, differences, and capons.
My above title is a line taken from the play. It is said to one of the main characters after she has cast her friend from her apartment in a fit of anger over their differences. This line is funny as Hell to me because it doesn’t make any sense out of context. Neither do most friendships, I find. Often you look at a group of friends, and, if you don’t know them all well, you may wonder what this group of misfits could ever find in common. That is what my theatre family is, a group of fabulous misfits.  Friends of fortune, fate, and free spirited freakdom. I love my theatre people. It’s the first group I felt truly embraced by as a young adult. I have many different groups of friends, many wonderful friendships, and all of them have that lovely quality of solidarity, our inner freaky people finding each other.  Yes, friendships are definitely more important than capons.
I have, in my time of growing and learning, mangled a few good friendships, some have survived and some have not.  Caring for a friendship is not easy, it takes time, well chosen words, an ability to resolve conflict and a bit of pressure in the right places.  I have been a bad friend, I have had friends who have not been the best, and friendships that have simply faded into acquaintances.
During the run of our play I have enjoyed sharing the stage with friends, and making new ones. You develop a very special type of bond when you share a stage with a cast, especially a small one like ours. I was able to share the stage with five of my good friends, and two lovely women whom I did not know well before, I now count them among my theatre family and very dear friends. Our time together over the last four months crafting and performing this fun piece was wonderful. I cherish you all.
Friendship is more important than capons, coupons, small mindedness, trivial quarrels and wanton desires. Our hurts can sometimes seem larger than a friendship, and indeed, they sometimes are. Other times our hurts and sore feelings can eventually draw our friends to a deeper place of understanding. Our hearts must be open to recompense, reconciliation, and a bit of  compromise in those times. Sometimes we must know when to walk away, when to say “I am unable to bear this”, walk away and move forward. Those moments can be the very making of a person, but feel as the breaking would. Our hearts may not bear it as easily as our minds would have us do. I have reached these moments, and they are the very worst hurt, but also seem to bring the most healing in the end. Forgiveness is important, sometimes in order to forgive we must first remove ourselves from the source of the pain.
The joy of friends is that there are always new ones to make and old ones to lean on. Our journey of life has those who walk along with us coming and going, those who stay by our sides, and those who are meant to be at our sides for a time and then split off onto the rest of their journey not to be seen again until we both reach our destination.  You don’t know which of these voyagers are the lifelong ones and which are here for only a time. That is the part I find most trying, not always understanding why some friends are not still on the same journey. I always want to keep everyone close, however I am learning that such a life would not allow for growth or enlightening, you can only be close to so many friends at a time, so there must be movement in the ranks to broaden your horizons.
Friendship is definitely a salt of the earth. And some salt is too strong, some not strong enough. We season our lives heavily, and sparingly along our way depending on our needs and our place in life. My heart is full and I feel my life to be well seasoned presently, I am blessed.

Friends of the grandest scale.

Now onto the challenge. Over March I lost the blogging thread but I did dispose of over ten bags, and stored eight and six pieces of furniture in the basement for a yard sale in May. I am still working on sorting the toy room. It takes ages!!
Today I began April’s Running challenge. I did an interval training run style and rand for one minute, walked for two, then ran for 30 seconds and walked for two minutes again. I repeated that seven times. I felt much better by the end of the run. I drank a shake and since then have not eaten. So proud of not night snacking!!

Thank you Cara for your inspiration this weekend, clean eating and exercise are back baby!

Well here we go again! Giver hog!




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