I did it! I have made it out to run two days in a row. Unfortunately on both days I have messed up my Strava recording so I don’t know my numbers for sure. Tonight I ran out in the rain for 30 minutes, intervals of 30 seconds and intervals of 1 minute. But I didn’t hit record on my Strava apparently so I don’t know my exact times. Gah, two nights in a row I’ve improperly recorded. I just want to keep track properly. Tomorrow I hope to properly record a workout!!

For food today I ate too much bread. Breakfast I used up two English muffins and a piece of multi grain bread with peanut butter and jelly. Had a coffee with whole cream and maple syrup. Lunch was beet slaw, cucumber, a pepperette, and half of a croissant. Supper was Pad Thai after a medium regular coffee from Timmies.  After my run I had a shake with Epicure protein powder and Apple pie sprinkle.

Last night I began watching The Outlander on Netflix. Oh dear. I am hooked. I stayed up far too late watching it and woke up exhausted and feeling sick again. I now am finally going to read the books. After four years Kate, I am finally going to read Outlander!! I put a hold on it at the Library today.  I am loving this series, I cannot wait for the book. And the man who plays Jamie! Heart melt!!! Those eyes, man. Must not watch all of the episodes in a day!!

After my run tonight I was able to plank for two minutes and did fifteen pushups. I try to do get some of these exercises in every night before and after my run, I find they greatly improve my stamina.

Well, I’m exhausted and out of it now. Goodnight!



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