Come Together

The cold and unrelenting wind is howling unforgivably outside my window this wet evening. Only two hours ago I was out running through the drenching rain, bracing against the wind while running into it. It was exhilarating and I knew I was doing the right thing going. Last night I skipped the run but did some VR boxing with hubs and did lots of squats and push-ups. Tonight I knew I needed to make it out no matter what. My time wasn’t great, but I finally used my Strava properly. I found I ran 2KM at about 7:30 per k. Not too bad for intervals on a rainy and windy night. Start small and you’ll gain big.

I’m feeling good, need to sleep more, but other than that not bad. Today I had a banana, a matcha latte and coffee for breakfast. Lunch was beet slaw and a pepperette, and supper was out at Boston Pizza for Boy#1’s 8th birthday. That’s right, I am now the mother of an 8 year old!! I remember when I thought 8 was an older kid. Man, I have an older kid. I ate the Chicken Parm, it was good, apparently over 500 calories though!

We gathered to celebrate the birth of my eldest son this afternoon, Last night we gathered with family for dinner, tomorrow we gather with friends. Gathering together and sharing a meal with family and friends is such a privilege.  I feel my heart is full and my kitchen happy. Gathering together brings knowledge, love, and community.

Today was a wonderful day to celebrate my boy. He is such a ray of sunshine. I spent time looking back at pictures of him and of my time becoming a mother. I remember reading this great blog by my friend about being a mother that is the same age in mothering as their eldest child. I am an eight year old mother. I see my own behaviors as a mirror of my eight year old son’s at times. He still works out self regulation, harnessing emotions and working self discipline. He knows what those things are and he can do them, but it’s hard. I feel the same. I still shout, lose my temper, make empty threats and try to hone my own emotions. We both are learning important skills in our roles in life, and we are both coming into our own, he as a person and I as a mother.  He has made me a better person and taught me so much about myself. Our children really do shape us. This is how we celebrated my son this year:

Lots of fun was had!
I am a proud mother and happy mother!



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