Few and Far Between

Life. It takes over and gets busy. You start out the year with vim and vigor, fresh determination to stay on target and then you make little choices that let all the other things take precedence.  I have been missing larger and larger chunks of writing my blog. I have not fully completed my last three months of challenges or had very strict guidelines. Life and daily choices have led to my negligence and lack of diligent writing.
This month’s challenge is running and so far I have been doing a pretty sad job of being consistent. My last one was last Monday, a week ago. Tonight I chose to watch tv and snack instead of running.  My legs were hurting quite a bit last week and I let that be my excuse, today was that I was tired. There is always an excuse to give yourself for why you CAN’T or SHOULDN’T do something. I should know, I’m a specialist on the matter. What’s more difficult is giving yourself the counter reason as to why you SHOULD and CAN. It is very easy for me to look at how my other friends on STRAVA and social media are doing with fitness goals, and feel discouraged at my slower pace and progress. Today I read a wonderful post by a friend whom I see as being a very big inspiration, dedicated to health and bettering himself and those around him while learning from all life. He expressed his similar struggle with these feelings of negativity towards himself when others have better times or performance. Instead of allowing that negativity to rule him he has chosen to be inspired and driven harder to his goals by their success. Rising above our own self doubt and ego, taking inspiration from those around us and using it to bolster us to new heights. I took inspiration from him and feel bolstered myself.
I have decided that I need to have a reachable goal and a steady pace. My goal is to be able to run 5K without stopping by April 30th. I am not a fantastic runner, I am naturally slow and steady, not quick and speedy. That often leaves me feeling lacking, but I take on my own challenge and will work harder these next two weeks.

This month has been full of preparation, for birthdays, Easter, and everyday occurrences. It’s been busy and full. I have been learning about myself again. I hate those times, and know they are imperative for my development. I mean, I’d rather just go on believing my own story of me and not have to learn new bits about how others see me or about truth in the minds and hearts of those surrounding me. It is just so much easier to only consider my own truth and care little for other’s truth. Easy, but not always profitable to the soul. Sometimes it is time to dig into your own truth and find it, hold onto it and stand firm, and sometimes it is good to hear out another’s. This week was very much about that hearing it out bit. I hated it, it was uncomfortable and made me feel hurt and mad. Coming out on this side and learning more about my own predilection to only hearing my own truth, I find this hurt to be beneficial.

Our own health, wellness, families, relationships, careers and marriages take a lot of constant work, re-evaluation, time, thought and patience. You sometimes have to work at the same problem over and over until you solve it by refining your method so you can adequately explain it to your own self. Life is a constant learning curve. If you continue to approach the same old problem with the same old method of solving it after you have failed for years, you will find yourself static and stunted in life. When you learn from your faults, mistakes and failures you can then grow and change and see your life move on in success and ability. Only through humility to admit our own misjudgments can we truly become great. I hate learning that lesson, every time I have to do it!

Well, here’s to running, learning, humbling, and growth!



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