Updates and Holidays

Happy Easter Monday! Today was a day to drive up to the Bruce Penn and visit my mother’s side of the family. My mom and I took the boys up together and had a wonderful time. After a fabulous dinner we all went for a wonderful hike through the trail near my Uncle’s home. My Fitbit tells me it was 85 minutes! It was such a fun time I didn’t realize we had hiked for over an hour. This is exercise I can really get into. Because of the hike this afternoon I decided not to run this evening since it was late and I worked until 10:39.

However, I did eat some of this today:

After ham, mashed potatoes, veggies and lovely rolls I consumed this and chocolate cake. That hike was desperately needed for sure!!

I definitely feel I could move up to the Bruce Penn and hike everyday and be fairly happy. Both my uncle’s live very close to opening points to the Bruce trail and I truly enjoy hiking from these spots when we visit. Taking my boys along this year was so much easier then the last few. They can both hike and enjoy challenging themselves to go faster, higher, or climb more. It’s pretty fabulous watching them enjoy nature and be children unfettered. 

 One of the best bits of long hikes is the quiet ride home! Sleepy bunnies!

After such a wonderful weekend of celebration I am ready for some sleep and some time to clean again tomorrow. I have enjoyed this time of spiritual reflection, personal soul searching, family visiting, and baking up treats, time to get into routine again.

My challenge tomorrow afternoon: run intervals for twenty minutes and fold laundry.

Wish me luck!



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2 thoughts on “Updates and Holidays

  1. Ummm what is that incredible pie!?! I must know! 🙂

    1. It’s no bake mini egg cheesecake! I followed this recipe and used marscapone http://www.janespatisserie.com/2016/03/09/no-bake-mini-egg-cheesecake/

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