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Oh, Hello. I’ve missed you friends. I’ve thought of you and my blog every day, but writing seemed to fall to the wayside. I was focusing on getting to bed before midnight, running and exercising at least thrice a week, and beginning Monday May 1st I started the Real Food Real Results program through Epicure.

This week I was also enjoying helping out at my beloved Livery, applying makeup to some lovely actors in a spectacular play.  I was able to take in the opening night performance of said spectacular play: “The 39 Steps”, last night. I was excited to see this production; touted “Hitchcock meets hilarious”,  I love being with my theatre friends while watching my theatre friends. I have worked with almost this entire cast and crew of this ahow previously. However, this is my first time working with the talented new blood on the Livery stage: Rob Ionescu. I have known Rob outside the theatre for a few years now. A former co-worker of my Hubs, and my brother’s good friend; I’ve known Rob as more of a sweet mannered techie who loves fitness, and never knew he was an actor, a rather talented one at that! Seeing Rob onstage last night with my other three wonderfully talented friends, I was very impressed by his performance and his ability to more than hold his own in this cast of seasoned performers. Rob’s portrayal of Richard Hannay in this Hitchcock inspired parody, was brilliant, solid, and presented the perfect “straight man” for his castmates to play off of.

I sincerely enjoyed the pleasure of seeing my dear friends, and fellow cast mates from our last play in the Livery, “The Odd Couple”. Cara Stephenson and Jordan Henry are wonderfully talented thespians and truly a joy to work with and observe. Cara plays the Femme Fatal, and two other characters, imbuing them with beguiling personality, she does so with aplomb and tremendous talent. Jordan, and another of my lovely theatre pals: Ron Plasschaert, round out the cast of four. Jordan and Ron play every other character in the play and they are fascinating, hilarious, quick, have perfect comedic timing, and are adept at accents.  These two men have the exact talent needed to make this play work. They astound me with their wit and speed.

During my stint as Make-up artist I get to share the brushes with my talented mentor Val, who taught me about hair and makeup at the Livery when I began volunteering six years ago. Val and I have the best of times prettying up our wonderful cast and tossing around the odd dirty joke to get everyone loosened up before a performance. I also get to visit with the radiant Director Nina, and my dear theatre Girl, turned star stage hand, Leigh Anne. Up in the booth I get to see in passing the ever prepared and in charge Maureen Penn, the young technical wizard Liam Morley; who bears a strong resemblance to Harry Potter, and  Keith King who has brilliantly designed some proper lighting.  Front of house my talented and ever purposed friend Jenna U. has taken on the mantel of producer as well as part time house manager. It’s a fabulous team made up of many wonderful people and I’m so privileged to be a part of it. If you are in the Goderich area and free this weekend or next, make an effort to come see this intriguing comedy, you will not be disappointed!!

Update on my running challenge: I did not run every day. I am still running intervals, only about a minute on then two walking. That’s what I can do. And I’m doing it about three times a week with weight training and recovery days worked in. Shin splints are something I’ve always dealt with and they are back again, so I try to give extra time to weights and stretching and if they get very bad I take an extra day from running to bike or use the elliptical instead. I signed up for the Mother’s Day 5K “Run Around The Square”. I don’t think I will run the entire thing, but I will try.  This week I need to up my running game.


This month I have down that I am to do a Gardening challenge. I want to work in my garden a half hour each day and maybe get a veggie bed going. I also want to move my composter and weed EVERYTHING!

This week I FINALLY sewed some family cloth:

I put the cloth in this lovely basket I found at the Hart store. I’ve been using it instead of toilet paper for four days now. I much prefer it. The Bidet is also in more use now and the boys are learning how to use it. Boy#2 was actually very interested in helping to sew the cloth edges. It was a great feeling as a mother, to pass on a few tips on a skill I remember beginning to learn at my own mother’s knee at a young age.

We had a great time sewing together. He takes such an interest in small things that require dexterity.

The other thing I have been focusing on, besides sleep and reading more, is following the Good Food Real Results program from Epicure. I signed up to do a 31 day challenge while at an Epicure product launch event. My favourite Epicure consultant invited me out and I heard her speak about the program challenge and though “Why not?” I am so glad I did! I didn’t really think about what I was signing, i just did it. The first few days I was unprepared, but then I received my book and got into it. Now I am cooking three meals a day for my whole family out of the book and finding it enjoyable and simple.
Here are the meals I’ve made so far:

Day #1

Day #2

Day #3

Day #4

Day #5 (Today)

It’s been delicious so far and easy to cook for three. Boy#2 eats bread and cucumbers right now…as evidenced in pics above. I love this program and the book because it gives me an easy layout of how the week can go. I’ve really enjoyed it so far. No snacking in between meals is HARD!

Well, with this I bring this rather extensive catch up post to a close.  I’ll leave you with two starting perspective pictures from this Good Food challenge and a pretty sweet pic of Boy #2 and G-ma from this morning, and Boy#1 heading to school dressed as his favourite teacher. Two adorable these guys!!

That’s almost worse than January 1st!

Not quite,..but almost.

Here are the cute pictures I promised:



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