Honesty, a policy, a principle, or a problem

Today I woke up sick and pantless. I remained pantless most of the morning, simply because I didn’t want to have to wash an extra pair of them and wasn’t ready to shower. Honest, right? Too much? Too bad. This is the world we live in. You are bombarded with honesty every day. Honesty that may be a brand you do not desire. Either that or we are peddled a beautiful version of the truth, that is only half. Like my own blog, where I love to post my healthy choices and ambitions:

I’m loving my time with the Good Food Real Results program from Epicure. It’s been really great for my family. Now back to reality:
Last night was Hubs birthday. This was not on the plan. It was delicious! Not in the plan.
Not on the plan. Oh, and pantless cheesecake eating is the best. Just saying. It is freaking hot up in here! 30 degrees outside! Pantless cheesecake time. This is honesty. Or is it?  Am I actually being honest or just telling people what I think they want to hear so I am more approachable and real? Am I just selling myself or am I truly practicing honesty? You’ll never know;) I have this internal struggle about social media, blogging, mom groups. How often are we being truly REAL? Real for the sake of reality. Not too often. It’s easier to say “I’m fine.” Instead of “Life’s shitty. I am continually questioning every decision I make, my kids are awesome but I still get angry at them, my husband is wonderful but I still battle resentment over the most inconsequential thing. my stomach is bloated and my period is not reliable.  How are you?” Let’s get real. Are you really going to do that? Go to mom group without make up, tell someone when we are upset, uncomfortable or hurt. Be warned: being real is uncomfortable sometimes, for us and for the people near us. Like my pantless confession; it sometimes leaves you a bit skeevy feeling.  Being real is supposed to be easy, but it’s also scary. We all have our realness limit. How deep can you be before you are just a walking raw nerve of emotion and overexposure? Balance in all things. For me it’s running a five K and then eating cheesecake for three days…ok two days, but tomorrow may be three.

About the Five K: I finished with a time of 38 minutes and 24 seconds, and almost barfed. More training and sleep needed.
My whole family came out to support me, it was a great experience and I’m planning on running another in August. Once I kill this cold off it’s back to work. I need to stop eating sugar again too…

As far as my May challenge of gardening goes…nothing…nada, not even a weed pulled. I’ve been working on running and cooking and normal life and have not been in my garden at all. Hopefully this weekend. Also this weekend: putting the TV away! No TV all summer. Well, not unsupervised, so it’s moving into the office and will be used for family movie nights and only when parents deem it healthy. That’s a good challenge: TV free for the Summer.

Well, it is now midnight and I’m exhausted and hot, heading to bed, sleeping this awful cold away.



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