Jumping Jehoshaphat! It’s June!

Hey look! Three posts in a week! What is up with this!? I’m in the blogging zone again. How apt at the marker month of almost halfway through the year. It’s June! 

With it being a new month this brings me to a new challenge. I believe originally I had decided this to be Jumping in June. Which I had described as focusing on growing a garden, and hiking in at least one national park. I’d like to keep those goals present. I need to see what national Park is nearby and doable. I may need to visit my aunts and uncles on the Bruce if I can’t organize another option with my barely open weekends this month. But I’d like to research that more. My new challenge idea has to do with food. “What!?!” You say, sarcastically aghast, “Food!? Who knew you would want a FOOD focused challenge!?” Lol. I make myself laugh. I’m so hilarious. (Add in sardonic smirk.) I really find food challenges interesting and it’s something I stick to better I feel. So, this month I want to bake/make my way through this book:

My mom gave it to me as a mother’s day gift and I’m intrigued. She seems funny and realistic, but also reaches for a healthier place. I would like to aim to achieve a recipe a day, but I think realistically (as this is a mostly desserts book) three recipes a week may make more sense.  I will post my thoughts on each recipe, but since they are directly from the book, I won’t share all of them because I don’t want to give her work away for free. I think that adding this food aspect may help my consistency in blogging as well. 

This past month was a corker. It was busy, successful in so many ways, and I loved the Good Food Real Results challenge. My garden…didn’t happen. That’s why I don’t mind it being continued this month…

Here are some of my latest food choices:

Muffin and green smoothie

Asian beef lettuce wraps with veggies.

Peaches and cream

Chocolate cherry fruit plate

Food court fare on our mini vacation today.

Dessert from dinner. Yum. But four bites and I was done. So good, but so sweet. I also had a Caesar and ribs for dinner!

As you can gather from the food today, we are not at home. We have made a mini escape out of what was originally only a necessary appointment for the Hub’s in London. We decided to whisk the boys away to the Lamplighter Inn for two days and some family time. It’s glorious. I didn’t realize how little we’ve traveled in the last four years until Boy#2 went absolutely nutso over the hotel room having a sink and the treehouse channel on the television.

Car rides are the best…

That’s better, no sun in the eyes anymore.

These are the moments when I fall in love all over again. I mean, c’mon, a tall guy with a beard snuggling an adorable preschooler!? Who wouldn’t!?

We stopped at Build a Bear and made some new friends for our first family day away in a hotel. Boy#2 choose Sonic and Boy#1 chose a dragon. They loved it! The staff there always impress with their kindness and patience.

The view from our room. So relaxing as I sit out on the balcony as kidlets snooze. This is a vacation.

These small moments of joy and togetherness mean so much to me. They really glue us. I need to just slow down and breathe them in a bit longer. Today I found myself snapping at the boys over their excited behavior instead of reveling in their joy and life living ability. Tomorrow I choose better. 

Welcome June. Bring in a fresh breath of love and life. Bring some perspective and growth, and please don’t bring temperatures higher than 25…


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