Beauty and the Beast-mode. Working out on my Whole 30

Good day fine readers! Can you tell I am in a good mood today? Last time on my Whole 30 I remember day four still being difficult, but this time I feel with my background and my last year of occasional hard workouts, I am feeling better earlier.  My headaches are gone, my sinuses are clearing, my aches and stiffness have lessened, as well as my sluggish feeling dissipating.   I am trying to take care and not become too confidant in my happy day though, I know it could be endorphin release from exercise, and I must be aware of my body’s need for rest and be on guard for cravings.
I have been working out off and on at my local Recreation Center for the past two years or so. In the last year I have become more interested in weight lifting thanks to the Group Power program at our YMCA and my dear friends Paul, Sarah, and Dave. When I first began taking the class last year in January, I could not do most of the exercises for the full time and was using a very low weight. Today at our class (which I have neglected since early December) we did a rerun of the January program from last year and I could not believe how different I felt now. I was able to complete all of the exercises and at much higher weights. I also noticed that since my last time in the class, my mobility, flexibility and range of motion were much better. Oh sugar, how you hurt a body.
This morning I met my dear friend Karri at the Y to try my first Aquafit class with her. Even being the only two under 50 in the pool, I found it to be quite fun and pleasantly challenging to me for a workout meant for ease of mobility and rehabilitation. I am planning on going back tomorrow.
Now, running out to the Y this morning only moments after waking up (still trying to curb my bad sleeping habits) I must admit my morning meal was lacking, a piece of ham and some broth with an orange. I made sure my noon meal made up for those lost calories and also was careful not to overeat. This amount below in the top left photo was just about perfect after a good workout.



My lunch consisted of a black dark roast Tim Horton’s coffee that I turned into a bullet proof coffee, by adding a tablespoon of coconut oil, a half tablespoon of coconut butter and some pumpkin spice, cardamon, and a tiny bit of pepper. I whirl it in my Nutri-bullet and pour it back in the cup. Along with that I had a small glass of my rosemary apple kombucha, home brewed. I had a leftovers bowl of the buffalo chicken in a yam and taco bowl meat with tomatoes and ranch dump sauce. I also had smoked salmon, caper berries, carrots, cherry tomatoes, an orange and a banana. It was a large lunch but it was what filled me up just right.
In the afternoon I had a snack on Sweets and Beets, and some nuts along with an almond milk latte. My little one year old nephew LOVED the Beet chips as well:) I shared a cup of  White Winterberry Tea by Steeped Tea with my cousin, as my boys and elder nephew enjoyed hot cocoa and popcorn after making bird feeders and hanging them outside.
After our afternoon of visiting, I started supper so I could get to my Group Power class. I made up some Whole 30 mayo, recipe from: Then cooked up my first attempt at this bun-less chicken BLT recipe: It was quite yummy! I added in cilantro to my mayo instead of basil.
We headed off to the workout and since I am not to have “liquid meals” on the Whole 30, and have temporarily retired my shaker cup, I brought two boiled eggs. After this morning’s lack of quick food I boiled up a pot of them.  Tonight my snack was the eggs, a handful of almonds and some raisins. I also drank a new batch of kombucha. This one was quite good, it is a ginger lemon blend that fizzed up nicely! It’s a bit of a stand in for my occasional glass of red wine. I also had an orange.
Now I am off to have a bath. I plan to continue deepening my challenge. I have been forgetting to log my exercise in this blog and hope to start. I attempt to get at least 30 minutes activity a day. Sunday I had a 45 minute walk with my cousin, Monday we hiked out at my MIL’s for an hour, Tuesday I swam with my kidos, Wednesday I made a point of walking to and from my car the long way while running errands and played outside with my guys a bit.  Today was definitely my highest output of energy, so we shall see how tomorrow goes! Another daily challenge I want to add is reading my Bible each night, and I want to work on completing a new novel each month.  It sounds like a lot. So we shall see!!
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